5-minute car valet at home

5-minute car valet at home

Be kind to your car with tidy-up tips so speedy you could qualify for a Formula One pit stop team.

1. Febreze it
Make a first quick-win in less than a minute. Use Febreze Fabric refresher on your car seats to get rid of lingering odours and to give a subtle but lasting fragrance. Light scents that bring to mind the great outdoors are ideal – New Zealand, Himalayan Heights or Febreze Classic. Even if you don't have time to do anything else, a Febreze Clip-on Car Freshener will give you up to 60 days’ service and can be fitted in 30 seconds.

2. Rubbish swoop
Grab a plastic bag and pick up all the stray water bottles and other bits of rubbish that build up in the back of your car, and don’t forget under the front seats. Collected and tied up for the bin in 30 seconds.

3. Dashboard wipe down
Get a damp cloth and give the dashboard and inside of the doors and handles a rub down to clean off scuffs and any stray mucky spots. Buffed and smart in one minute.


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4. Vacuum clean up
With a hand vacuum or a cleaner (if the flex can reach that far) do a quick swoosh over the seats and around the boot. Get the tidy lounge look in two minutes.

5. Bag up essentials
There are often useful bits and pieces that get left around the back seat and glove compartment – spare indicator bulbs, maps etc – which you can collect together and keep handy in the boot. Use a shoebox or an old sports bag to keep them tidy and together – it’ll take just one minute.

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