5 ways to sprinkle some Fairyconomy magic on your Christmas preparations

5 ways to sprinkle some Fairyconomy magic on your Christmas preparations

Let Christmas cast its spell on you, but – without your cash doing a disappearing trick. Just try these tips for financing your festivities.

There’s no doubt about it – Christmas is magical. It’s a time when we forget about our diets and gym regimes, overcome any family quarrels and come together to enjoy quality time with the people we love most.

But there’s one trick we don’t like: the way it seems to make your money simply disappear. That can lead to restless nights of lost sleep, worrying about how much is being spent and how big a shock there will be when the monthly bank statement arrives.

To help ease these concerns, we’re sharing some of our top tips and tricks to help you plan ahead, manage the pennies wisely and sprinkle some Fairyconomy magic on your Christmas.

Be Smart about saving

As with most things, the sooner you start planning the better.

There’s no need to employ drastic measures, but every penny really does add up. Whenever you have loose change, put it in a jar so it’s all pooled together. You never know, it could amount to a small present like your Secret Santa gift for your work colleague.

Make a list of essentials –- and stick to it!

Prepare a list of presents and food that you’re planning to buy. Then, when you go shopping, stick to the list – It will help you avoid spending impulsively on things you don’t need.

You can also collect loyalty points throughout the year using schemes that are offered by most supermarkets – save enough of these up and it could equate to a free turkey. And if you travel for Christmas, book your trains or flights in advance as the prices begin to skyrocket the closer you get to the travel date.

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Create your own Christmas decorations

Have an arts and crafts day with the kids and make your own Christmas decorations, rather than buying ornaments and accessories that last only one season. This way, you’ll create long- lasting memories as well as beautiful baubles.

Whether they create paper snowflakes covered in glitter or play dough snowmen, your home will look merrier than ever –- and you and your children will have a lot of fun in the process.

You could even make your own wrapping paper. Buy some brown parcel paper and decorate it with colourful stamps. Everyone will love the extra personal touch, and you won’t have a problem spotting them under the tree!

Start making Christmas dinner early

No one wants to spend the last few days before Christmas in the kitchen slaving over a hot stove. By starting your preparations early, you can help to spread the cost as well as the workload.

Things like the Christmas pudding can be made up to a month in advance, and the Christmas cake can be made between six and 12 weeks ahead of the big day. You can also prepare vegetable dishes (such as red cabbage),stuffing and bread sauce earlier on and put them in the freezer.

Clean up using products that last longer and deliver better results

Cleaning is an unavoidable element of Christmas. When choosing your cleaning products, go for quality over quantity and buy products that deliver the best results, giving you better value in the long run.

Fairy Liquid lasts twice as long as the next best-selling washing up liquid and will make your after-Christmas clean-up much more efficient.

What’s your top tip for keeping reining ai rein on spending at Christmas? Comment Let us know in the comments below. and let us know!

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