5 ways to take the snore out of household chores

5 ways to take the snore out of household chores

Cleaning and tidying up the house are unavoidable chores, but they can still be fun!

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1. Make it a party
Cooking, cleaning and changing the sheets are all miles more fun if you put on some of your favourite upbeat music.

2. Swap tasks
Find chores you and your friend think are just about manageable (no, really, some people enjoy ironing!) then swap the tasks – you go over to their house to wash the windows, they come to yours to clean the kitchen floor.

3. Change the chore schedule
A change is as good as a rest… Move all your home tasks to a set hour of each day instead of letting them sprawl out through the week, or resolve to get one big task done each day before breakfast so you can start the day with an achievement.


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4. Time challenge
Give yourself 10 minutes to sort the laundry, choose something for dinner that you can make in 20 minutes, see if you can vacuum the stairs faster this week than last. It’s fun, gets the jobs out of the way and might actually keep you fitter.

5. Brighten your world
Spend one session clearing out under your stairs so all the rags and so on are shipshape. Maybe even invest in new mops, brushes and wipes or raid the drawers for unwanted shirts and make a new pile of dusters, or decorate boxes for sorting paperwork etc with used wrapping paper. It all helps jolly up the tasks you have to get done.

Savvy tip
If you’re going to get the cooking done, why not make more than one meal at the same time? Use Sunday afternoon to get ahead for the rest of the week with these recipe ideas: A week’s dinners in two hours.

Pass it on – easy wins to get you going
Try these tips for a Headline house clean so you can make real progress in no time.

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