A Family Car Organised for Success

A Family Car Organised for Success

Ten easy steps to make car journeys with kids a breeze.

Parents nowadays spend more and more time in their cars, ferrying the children between football practice, music lessons, Cubs, Brownies and dance classes. This presents all manner of odours in the car from smelly sports kit, food and pet smells. New Febreze Car helps to eliminate these odours to keep your car smelling fresh and your family happy. The great thing about new Febreze Car is there’s a scent for everyone: choose between Amazon Rain, Arctic Ice or Pacific Air for the man in your life or, for a more feminine touch to the car, there’s Vanilla Bouquet, Blossom & Breeze or Relaxing Lavender.  Whatever odour challenges face your car, New Febreze Car has a scent for you.

Take a few moments to follow these ten simple steps and you can save time, money and effort in future car journeys with the kids.

1. Healthy Snacks: Fill a large Tupperware with a variety of non-perishable snacks your kids enjoy and store it in the car. Our favorites are pretzels, cookies, granola bars, cheese crackers and fruit snacks.

2. Changing station: You want to be fully equipped in your car to change children of any age. Keep a spare nappy bag with a plastic zip-top bag filled with wipes, nappies, ointment and change of clothes for the baby. For the older kids, be prepared with spare clothes to cover changes in weather (sweatshirts, waterproofs), food spills or just to change after activities. This way, you can go out to eat or run an errand without having to return home.

3. Videos: If your car has a DVD player, be sure to have a variety of videos to keep your children entertained, a variety of episode based tv shows and movies for longer journeys.  Buy a hard cover disc case to keep them safe and sound and save a lot of room. Before leaving ask each child which one they want to watch and agree the order to watch in. This helps limit meltdowns and makes your life a bit easier.

4. Tray tables: For long trips put table trays in the car. They fit nicely over car seats or on the lap and can be used for eating or art projects and writing. Trays also come in handy when you’re using drive time to write notes, pay bills or tackle other tasks. Look for lap trays that have a cup holder, space for crayons, markers, pencils and a space for books. Perfect for all your travel needs and for keeping kids entertained.


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5. Seats of all sorts: Always keep seat cushions, collapsible chairs and blankets in your car so you are prepared for any outing: from games, to concerts to play dates in the park. Have a variety on hand and you can’t go wrong. The easiest way to keep them organised is to store them in a giant ‘bag for life’ from the supermarket.

6. Pillows, blankets and comfort toys: If you are driving to your holiday spot this year, make sure to have your family’s favorite pillows and comfort toys in the car with you. On long drives everyone will need a nap and anything you can do to make it easier for the family to fall asleep will come in handy.

7. Plastic bags for garbage: Reuse your plastic grocery bags as rubbish bags in the car. Every time you stop for petrol or a meal, collect the rubbish. This will keep your car clean and reduce the amount of work you need to do once you make it to your destination. To keep the bags organised, wrap one around the armrest and store a bunch inside or tuck them under your seat, so they’re out of the way but always within reach.

8. Keep your car smelling fresh: with food, drinks, sports kits and pets gracing your car on an almost daily basis it’s important to keep your car smelling fresh and clean. New Febreze Car with odor elimination lets you keep that feeling of just cleaned freshness in your car no matter what you throw in it.

9. Wet wipes: An easy way to keep your car tidy is to have wet wipes on hand at all times. They can be used to wipe sticky fingers, spills, wipe down your dashboard and cup holders, even clean stains on the mats or ceiling. You can use cleaning wipes, baby wipes or laundry wipes; they all have cleaning solutions and work well.

10. Car wash gift cards: Next time your partner asks you what you want for your birthday, anniversary or Christmas and you can’t think of anything; ask for a gift card to your favorite car wash. Seeing your car clean inside and out can really picks you up. Plus, it feels free! Try New Febreze Car to help you eliminate odours and freshen your car.  

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