Are you suffering from noseblindness?

Are you suffering from noseblindness?

You may not have heard of noseblindness but you could well be suffering from it. Most of us take our sense of smell for granted. But what if we told you that most of us become so used to the smells around us, we actually become immune to them. This means we stop noticing leftover cooking odours, stinky pet smells or the whiff of stale takeaways in their car. It won't hurt to also check out more tips to keep your home and car smelling fresh.

What is noseblindness?

The name says it all: noseblindness occurs when your nose becomes “blind” to the familiar odours around them after becoming acclimated to those smells. It’s thought to affect up to 90% of people worldwide. It can have dire effects on your social life as friends and family can still smell the odours that you’ve stop being able to smell.

You could be suffering from noseblindness right now, but not even know it. So, how can you diagnose yourself?

The five signs of noseblindness

To help you figure out whether you’re suffering from noseblindness, we’ve identified the five key signs:

1. Are your friends’ and family’s visits getting a lot shorter? It seems like they hardly have time to sit down for a chat!

2. Have you ever received a scented candle “just because”?



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3. Do your car passengers prefer having the window down, even when it’s cold outside?

4. Do your friends ask to open the window or do they suggest eating al-fresco (so fancy!) whenever they come over for dinner?

5. Phwoar… what IS that smell? Do you ever notice a strange odour when you return home from vacation?

If you answer ‘yes’ to one or more of these situations, then we hate to break it to you, but you most definitely are noseblind. Looking for a second opinion? Take our test.

Febreze is the solution

Don’t let your noseblindness kill your social life – arm yourself with Febreze and counter the side effects of noseblindness immediately.

Febreze truly eliminates bad smells, whereas some air fresheners and scented candles simply mask the bad odours with scents, which can be overpowering. With Febreze, you can be sure that your home is always scent-tastic and guest-ready, no matter how noseblind you are.

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