The big clean up now the kids are back to school

Six weeks of having your little darlings around left your home looking a bit of a mess? Read on for the easy-peasy way to get it shipshape again Painting, drawing, cupcake making… and that was all on day one of the summer holidays. Yes, there’s no doubt it, most of us would admit that are homes aren’t *quite* at their best come September. But relax, because we’ve got the dos and don’ts to getting everything spick and span again.


• Arm yourself with the very best products to make the job easier on yourself. For example, Flash Magic Eraser will make those crayon marks that somehow got on the wall disappear faster than you can say ‘little monkeys’, and Flash Multi Surface Concentrated Cleaner is brilliant on all kinds of surfaces around the house.

• Make up pre-loaded cleaning caddies that have all the cloths and products you need in them. This saves you time rummaging around under the sink (not to mention time spent picking up those bottles that you dropped trying to get up the stairs!).

• Go for quick wins. Plumping the sofa cushions and recycling old newspapers instantly makes the living room look better. Similarly, giving the sink a wipe over, changing the towels and cleaning the toilet will make a huge difference in the bathroom.

• Clean from top to bottom, left to right. That’s the way the professionals do it because it means you’re working with – not against – gravity and that you won’t miss spots.


• Try to tackle everything at once. Rome wasn’t built in a day and, if you try to do too much in one go, chances are you’ll end up feeling a bit disheartened.


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• Stop cleaning in order to return things to another room. Instead, just chuck them all into a big box or basket and put them back once you’re done. (Side note: how come there always seems to be a football lurking in the living room even though your kids NEVER play ball in the house?)

• Do everything yourself. Contrary to popular belief, husbands can clean too! We’ve even got tips to get the kids helping out.

• Forget the magical powers of a vase of fresh flowers when it comes to giving your kitchen or living room a ‘lift’.

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