BBQ Hot Shot

Here’s how you can host a barbecue that will bring all the boys (and girls) to your yard...
Sizzling soirees are the hottest in town during the summer months – it’s a great way to feed and entertain a hungry horde, and everyone loves cooking over an open fire! However, a truly great barbecue requires some planning and preparation, so we’ve compiled a list of handy tips that will help you go out in a blaze of glory.

Theme it up

Make it a truly memorable barbecue by setting a theme such as Hawaiian Luau or Vegas Pool Party. Having a themed barbecue will make it easier to decide on a colour scheme and décor, and a fancy dress party is always a great ice-breaker. Just make sure you have some extra costumes and props on hand for guests who turn up unprepared.

Master the menu

Meat is a must at a barbecue, but it can take some time to cook. Don’t let your guests starve – prepare a spread of pre-cooked treats like quiches, mini pies and chips and dip to stave off any hunger pangs while the meat sizzles away on the grill. Take care to cater for any vegetarians or fussy eaters too – salads and an enticing array of grilled vegetables will keep everyone happy, and they’ll double up as healthy sides for the meaty mains.


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Rejuvenate your outdoor furniture

Fabric-covered deck chairs and outdoor furniture can start smelling a little damp and musty when they’re left outside all year, so it’s best to do a sniff test before your guests arrive. Febreze fabric refresher is the perfect solution – simply spritz the fabric to eliminate any odours and you’ll have furniture that smells brand new, even if they don’t look it. If you’re going to be hosting a few outdoor parties, why not incorporate the Febreze fabric refresher into your cleaning routine? This way your outdoor furniture will always smell fresh and clean.

Don’t leave your guests in the dark

Most barbecues commence in the afternoon when it’s still bright and sunny outside, and many people forget that sunset is just around the corner. Twinkling Christmas lights are a cute way to transform your yard into an outdoor wonderland, or go with the theme and deck your garden out in a blaze of tiki torches. If you’re after a cosy, romantic ambience, try a Febreze candle – it’ll provide a wonderful glow and infuse the area with a light, fresh scent.

Feel free to take the party indoors

Although a barbecue is predominantly an outdoor activity, your guests will no doubt make their way into your home at some point, either to use the bathroom or to take shelter if the weather turns. So it pays to ensure that your home is prepped for guests: clear out any clutter, put on some music, and place some fresh flowers near the entrance. Don’t forget to freshen up the bathroom too – use a Febreze air freshener or Ambi Pur plug-in to eliminate any stinky smells and keep it smelling fresh and clean. Ambi Pur works wonders to rid the house of any smokey barbecue scents too, so why not place an Ambi Pur plug-in in the living room, just in case? Its long-lasting scent will keep your home smelling great long after your barbecue.

If you’re looking to cement your reputation as a barbecue hot shot, these handy tips will certainly fire you up. So get out there, turn up the heat and host a barbecue to remember!

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