Cleaning Tough, Dirty, Greasy Dishes

Cleaning Tough, Dirty, Greasy Dishes

Read these short FAQs on how to use a dishwasher effectively to get the best possible results and avoid problems, and find out how a dishwasher works.

Tough stuck-on messes like porridge and touch to clean pyrex or casserole dishes used to mean scrubbing for hours over the sink. Luckily there’s Fairy Platinum, It helps your dishwasher power through the worst stuck-on messes like starchy pasta with cheesy sauce, or greasy messes like bacon.For the ultimate dish-issue solution, try Fairy Platinum capsules for tough food cleaning. The powerful liquid topped capsules clean tough, stuck-on foods leaving your dishes, pots, and pans sparkling clean; and it even cleans the grease from your filter*.


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*For limescale removal use machine cleaner or another method.

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