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Q: It’s our annual family road trip next week and I’m the designated driver. How do I ensure that I stay alert and refreshed throughout the journey?

The stuffy atmosphere of an enclosed space can contribute to drowsiness and cause you to be easily distracted. New scents are a great way to perk yourself up. Certain fragrances are known for their uplifting properties, so using a car air freshener such as Febreze Pur Car can help keep you refreshed for the long journey.

Q: Help! I’m just about to start my spring clean blitz but have no idea how to freshen up larger items like couches and curtains. How can I get them smelling clean again?

It may seem like an insurmountable task but fear not – it’s a simple problem to solve. Arm yourself with Febreze Fabric Refresher and spritz away. Febreze uses odour-elimination technology that gets rid of odours rather than masking them with strong fragrances. You’ll discover that deep-seated smells are eliminated, leaving a delicate, fresh scent in their place. Job done!

Q: My teenage boys may just be the messiest, smelliest human beings on the planet. How do I protect my beautiful home from their stink invasion?


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While we can’t help with the mess (sorry!) we can certainly fix the smell issue. Febreze is your friend – treat the sweat-soaked couches and cushions with Febreze Fabric Refresher, spritz their rooms and bathrooms with Air Effects, and combat their ever-present teenage boy odours with an Ambi Pur plug-in air freshener. Febreze doesn’t camouflage odours with overpowering fragrances but eliminates them before infusing the space with a refreshing scent. Good-bye Eau-De-Teenager!

Q: I’m planning a Valentine’s Day rendezvous at my place and I really want to impress! I’ve set the scene with candles and flowers, what else can I do?

While we always make sure we’re beautifully scented with the perfect perfumes, we often forget that our homes need a little spritz here and there too. Give the romantic setting a little added boost with Febreze Air Effects. This will get rid of any lingering odours and lightly infuse the space with a delicate fragrance.

Q: As a newlywed, I’m finding married life a bit of a shock. My Prince Charming has turned into a typical male who stinks up the bathrooms and leaves sweaty odours on the couch. How can I still live happily ever after with him?

Ah, the usual Prince-Charming-transforms-into-normal-male dilemma. All is not lost – what you need is Febreze. The Air Effects spray works wonders to eliminate stinky smells in the bathroom, while the Fabric Refresher will revive those sweaty couches in no time. If odours are still an issue, try an Ambi Pur plug-in air freshener, which removes any unpleasant odours and gently scents the room. It’s a surefire recipe for a happily-ever-after ending!

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