Kitchen Smell

Create a kitchen space that inspires creativity; not one that sends you running

The kitchen is the heart of your home and used a great deal. As such, it’s really easy for odours to build up - even during the course of just one day. Here are some tips on how Febreze and Ambi Pur can help your kitchen create the kind of smells that won’t put guests off their food. There are so many great easy ways to keep your house clean.

Whether you live alone or have a family of four it’s incredibly easy for rather unpleasant odours to build up in the kitchen. There’s a few steps you can undertake to ensure your kitchen is the place it was designed to be; the heart of your home and a place where you cook up a storm rather than a room you try to avoid. Read on to discover a number of simple things you can do to ensure your kitchen always smells delicous!

What can be done to stop smells building up in my kitchen?
In a bustling household, rubbish bins can fill very quickly.

Making sure your bins are taken outside and emptied daily will instantly help to reduce odour build-up in your kitchen. Emptying bins is especially vital in the summer when room temperatures rise and the food inside the rubbish bags start to heat up and decompose more quickly. The moment you notice a bad smell, just tie up the plastic bag and take it outside – don’t wait until it’s filled to bursting.

Giving your bin area a spray of Febreze Air Effects aerosol after removal will help to eliminate any bad odours that were lingering inside, thanks to its clever odour elimination technology. Simply hold the bottle around 30cm from the affected area and give it a spray for three to five seconds. It’s as simple as that.

How else can Ambi Pur and Febreze help eliminate odours in your kitchen?
Having an Ambi Pur Plug In Air Freshener in your kitchen will work wonders for creating that delightful fresh air smell that you’re after, day after day.

If you’re a pet owner then it’s likely you feed your beloved fuzzball in the kitchen, probably putting their bowl on the floor. Having an Ambi Pur Plug In at floor level is especially worthwhile as it will continuously eliminate pungent pet food smells, letting them enjoy their meal without you having to, too.



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Even if your pets don’t eat in the kitchen, it’s likely they are using it (especially if you’re in it), so just make sure you give all soft furniture they use a refresh by spraying Febreze Fabric Refresher on a weekly basis.

If your kitchen opens onto the garden then people (little and large) may well be dashing in and out all day, sometimes leaving shoes on a mat once inside and sometimes not, (you know who you are). Again, an Ambi Pur Plug In comes in very handy here, as it helps to eliminate any bad smells that their shoes could have picked up from outside. Application is easy too – simply plug in to a plug socket and you’re good to go.

Good smells should start in the kitchen and, with Febreze and Ambi Pur on hand, you can be sure it’s the right smells that spread through the house.

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