Housekeeping tips to de-clutter your home this summer

Housekeeping tips to de-clutter your home this summer

Your summer holiday is finally here! It’s an exciting time for the whole family, but with lots to get through, simply making sure your laundry is up to date and your home is clean and bright can seem like a never-ending task. These helpful housekeeping tips will make sure you are well prepared, before and after your summer break.

One: Clean in chunks
It’s easy to think the best way to get your house ready for your holiday is to start cleaning like mad and not stop until the job is done. If you have a young family, you can guarantee your home won’t stay tidy for long. So the best way is to clean your home in smaller chunks of time – keeping to a set schedule.

Years ago, we used to have set days per task, Monday, Laundry Day, Tuesday, Sewing day... A logical approach to house cleaning will mean you make the most of your time and ensure your home is clean and tidy as you leave.

TIP: Stairs are a magnet for unopened post, lounge floors attract forgotten toys and the kitchen table is almost always cluttered with everyone’s paperwork. So declutter by clearing away these bits and pieces immediately which will make every room look better!

Two: Get your laundry in order
Now you’ve streamlined your cleaning routine, you can start to focus on your laundry. The last thing you need the night before you fly is your favourite outfit to still be in the laundry basket!


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  1. There’s no need to spend half an hour sorting your laundry, create hampers so your family can organise as they go. One for whites, colours and darks. Try keeping a laundry basket in your bathroom too so your towels can be kept separate.
  2. It takes five minutes to pop in a load of washing. Think about the time you don’t use – the advert breaks in-between your favourite TV programmes are the perfect opportunity to throw a load in. Use a washing powder such as Ariel Actilift with Febreze that will help your clothes to stay clean and stay fresh!
  3. Get your family to help fold and hang their own clothes. This creates a perfect opportunity to figure out which items they want to take on holiday.

Three: Brighten your home
Now your home is tidy and laundry under control, you can start to think about finishing touches which will make your home welcoming for your families return.

  1. Curtains: Washing your curtains is a simple job that will instantly make your home feel bright and fresh – a great homecoming for you and your family. Use Ariel with Actilift Colour washing powder and you will definitely see a difference in the vibrancy of your window dressings.
  2. Bed Linen: After a long flight, your family will be grateful they have fresh bed linen. There’s nothing nicer than climbing into fresh sheets! 

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