Dinner party for one?

Dinner party… for one?

What’s the real reason behind those declined RSVPs?
You love cooking and you’ve been told that you’re a veritable Masterchef. So why won’t your friends and family accept your dinner party invitations? It can’t be the standard of your cooking, so it may have something to do with your home not smelling as nice as it might.

The curse of leftovers

As a seasoned, passionate cook, you know how to deal with leftovers and have no trouble transforming the remnants of last night’s roast dinner into another tasty dish. But what about the smells that are leftover from your cooking session? The blinds are infused with the scent of eau de fish fingers, and there’s a distinct whiff of last week’s curry wafting about the living room. Your home is a mixed casserole of different cooking odours, and it’s a dish that’s not going down well with your guests – which could explain those declined RSVPs to your dinner party. But why can’t you smell anything?

You may have noseblindness

Noseblindness is what happens when someone becomes acclimatised to the odours that surround them every day and thus ‘blind’ to familiar smells.



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You may not have heard of it but it’s actually very common, affecting up to 90% of people worldwide.

Noseblindness can have dire effects on your social life, as friends and family can still smell the odours that you’re immune to.

The solution is Febreze

Don’t let your noseblindness kill your social life – arm yourself with Febreze and counter the side effects of noseblindness immediately. Febreze eliminates odours with its Malodor Eliminating (MOE) Technology, leaving your guests with a light, refreshing scent and no trace of the offending odours. So even though you can’t sniff to check, you can be sure that your home is free from the fishy odour that’s a telltale sign of last night’s fish ‘n’ chips dinner. Try using Febreze aerosol to spritz away any kitchen odours, or give your home a scent makeover with a Febreze diffuser set.

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