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Safety labels across P&G products have now changed due to new EU regulations.

These Safety & Environmental Warnings are now easier to read, and serve our consumers the most important information first.

The old DPD (Dangerous Preparations Directive) label uses a generic safety symbol and the text may be difficult to read.

The new CLP (Classification, Labeling, Packaging) label. What’s new?

1/ Safety symbols are no longer on orange backgrounds, they are on white backgrounds.
2/ The warning that this is an eye irritant is on the first line.
3/ The most important safety guidelines are in capital letters, making the labels easier to read.
4/ Potential allergens are listed by name.
5/ Environmental symbols and Safety symbols now warn users if the product poses other risks, like being a skin irritant, or if it is dangerous to aquatic life.

Our products haven’t changed, just the safety information to ensure you and your family are well informed. Make sure to always read the labels!

Industry safety messages


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Procter & Gamble products meet or exceed regional, national and international safety requirements, but it is important to follow instructions when using any cleaning product.
The safety voluntary program makes it easy with a comprehensive set of warning icons.

Understanding these labels is important to your family’s safety.

This label indicates a product should be kept away from children, and stored safely with the lid properly closed, immediately after each use.

This label includes six warnings for the safe use of your products:

1/ Keep away from children
2/ Keep away from eyes
3/ Do not eat or swallow
4/ Use with dry hands
5/ Close the lid properly, immediately after use.
6/ Do not pierce, break or cut the packaging.

Click here if you have any questions, or would like to learn more about the safety voluntary program.

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