Dishwashing capsules (Fairy)

There is new information printed on your Fairy Dishwashing capsules. It is important to know that the product has not changed.

We now provide additional information to let you know the safest and most environmentally responsible use of the product, putting important information at your fingertips. If you would like to learn more, please call our Customer Relations Center so we can answer your concerns 01932 896000

These Safety & Environmental Warnings are now easier to read, and serve our consumers the most important information first.

The new CLP (Classification, Labeling, Packaging) label. What’s new? Learn how we’re making a difference:

1/ Safety symbols are no longer on orange backgrounds, they are on white backgrounds.
2/ The warning that this can cause serious eye damage is on the first line.
3/ The most important safety guidelines are in capital letters, making the labels easier to read.
4/ Potential allergens are listed by name.
5/ Environmental symbols and Safety symbols now warn users if the product poses other risks, like being an eye irritant, a skin irritant, or if it is dangerous to aquatic life.


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Our products haven’t changed, just the safety information to ensure you and your family are well informed. Make sure to always read the labels!


Has the product changed?
Your product has not changed in any way.

Is the product any less safe than before?
Your product has not changed in any way. All Proctor & Gamble products, including the ink being used in the new labeling, meet or exceed regional, national and international regulations.

Will the ink stain?
The ink on the new packaging will not stain your dishwasher, or the dishes inside. We have run 100 different tests at all available settings to ensure the normal functioning of your cleaning products at all times.

Is it an expiry date?
This information is not an expiry date. The current information is meaningless to the consumer and has been created to test print quality and legibility.

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