Smell of Cat

Don’t let unwanted cat-related smells make your guests uncomfortable

Making sure your home smells fresh is always important – and if you’re having guests around it’s even more vital. However, if you own a cat, then it can be tricky to keep everything smelling of roses. Here are some simple ways to keep your home smelling clean and welcoming…

Owning a cat can provide years of loving companionship and loads of fun times – but sometimes it isn’t all sweet purring and cuddles on the sofa.

Responsible cat ownership means a house full of food, blankets and toys that can create a host of odours and smells that, while you may have become noseblind to, can be quite potent to those coming to your home.

Thankfully, there are plenty of simple things you can do to help keep every room in your house smelling fresh…

Owning a cat can provide years of loving companionship and loads of fun times – but sometimes it isn’t all sweet purring and cuddles on the sofa.

What can be done to stop cat-related smells around my home?
There are several measures you can undertake to combat the different cat-based odours in your home and make it even more welcoming to guests.

There could be a lot of different sources behind those whiffs.

Many people feed their cats in the kitchen and, as so much entertaining is done in this room, it’s important to keep it as fresh as possible.

Wet cat food has a very strong, distinctive smell that non-cat owners might find overbearing – especially if your cat is fed in the kitchen.

Try to clean your cat’s food dishes regularly. This will help prevent smells building over time and will be more hygienic for your cat.



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Similarly, if you have a litter box, try to keep on top of emptying it, regardless of where it’s kept in your home. It can quickly become unpleasant and unhygienic.

Cats love to lounge about and relax on soft furnishings. If they have their own bed, blanket or other snugly items, ensure they are also regularly cleaned to avoid odours building up over time.

How Febreze can help eliminate unwanted cat smells
If you want to quickly refresh your soft furnishings spray Febreze Fabric Refresher on all affected areas to eliminate odours and leave freshness behind.

For a continuous solution use Ambi Pur Plug In air fresheners in various rooms in your home – these can give you freshness for up to 100 days*.

Regularly grooming your cat can make your guests even more comfortable
Unlike dogs, cats groom themselves on a regular basis. Because of this they are incredibly clean and rarely smell bad themselves.

However, you may wish to groom your cat semi-regularly to avoid a build-up of dandruff and to stop them moulting over furniture. If your cat does tend to leave hair around the house, then be sure to vacuum and dust regularly.

If your cat does tend to leave hair around the house, then be sure to vacuum and dust regularly.

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I do not recommend feeding raw meat to cats as they can pick up intestinal parasites like roundworms which are encysted in the meat (so you can't see them). Pop a couple of raw chicken wings in the microwave for two minutes. The cat can crunch up all of them and it is very pure protein. A dry cat food does not smell (to us). You can leave down a dish and a bowl of water. Never put food near a litter tray as then the cat will not use the tray but go elsewhere.

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Wonderful. 2:indoor cats.

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Mamasarah I've tried my cat �� Bee �� on raw chicken and she loved it but I've since been told it's a food poisoning risk, what sort of food do u feed yours? Is it a complete diet? Do they still get nutrients etc still curious about getting it so any advice would be grateful

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Switching your cat to a natural raw diet (cats are obligate carnivores) will eliminate litter tray smells. The smell of the average pet cat's faeces comes from all the indigestible food that has begun to ferment in a cat's gut. Commercial cat foods contain these ingredients as cheap fillers. So ditch the junk food and you'll quickly notice the difference - no more smell.

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Baking powder in a little dish or saucer absorbs the bad smells and doesn't contain any chemicals that might harm your cat. When you vacuum, you need to pull out the furniture every now and then because the cat's hairs get behind everything. You also need to use a clothes brush on cushions and on the curtains where the cat jumps up to the windowsill; I recommend keeping a separate clothes brush for this purpose.

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