Fastrack to car pool success

Organising a school run carpool? Here’s how you can get your car in shape and fast-track your way to that ‘Mum of the Year’ award

Early mornings and sleepy, grumpy kids are a nightmare combination for any parent in charge of the school run. But there’s no need to let it ruin your morning– a few simple changes can transform that nightmare ride into a dream cruise.

Spruce up your ride

Turning up to school in a messy car is social suicide for any kid. Don’t subject your impressionable passengers to that sort of devastation – give your vehicle a quick tidy-up and discard any rubbish before taking on the school run. It’s quick, easy and it’ll allow the kids to cruise up to the school gates without subjecting them to any unwanted attention.


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Clear the air to perk them up

All parents know that it takes a superhuman effort to wake their children up, especially at the start of the school term. And although they pry their eyes open enough to get dressed and down some breakfast, they often drift back into dreamland on their way to school, lulled by the motion of the vehicle and the stuffy mustiness of the car’s interior. Try one of Febreze Car’s scents to eliminate any musty, stuffy scents that could be lingering and replace with a light, fresh scent. It will ensure the ride to school is more pleasant for everyone in the car. And if your interiors are smelling a little musty, spritz the seats with Febreze fabric refresher – it’ll rid the fabric of any offensive odours and leave a light, refreshing scent in its place.

Put on some tunes

Having a bunch of squabbling school kids in the back seat can drive any parent crazy, so why not distract them with some music? Now, here’s where compromise is key – you have to succumb to your passengers’ wishes and take their music tastes into account. That means no old-school rock or 80s pop songs, and probably far more Miley Cyrus and One Direction than you’d ever imagined you would have to tolerate. And before you resort to the ‘my car, my music’ protest, just think about it: would you rather listen to inane bubblegum pop or the cacophony of screams and cries? You decide. It’s time to take the wheel and own that school run, and these easy tips will get you on the right track!

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