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Q: I love heading to the family beach house for our annual summer vacation, but I hate how the place smells when we first get there – it’s always musty and stale! How can I make my family right at home without having to do a full-on spring clean?

A: Don’t you hate it when you finally arrive at your holiday home only to realise that you’ll have to spend hours cleaning before you can settle in and relax? While we can’t help with the dusting, we have just the solution for the mustiness: Febreze and Ambi Pur. Bring your favourite Ambi Pur plug-in and pop it on as soon as you arrive – it will eliminate any odours in the air and infuse the place with a light, refreshing scent. Don’t forget to spritz some Febreze fabric refresher on any soft furnishings too – this will ensure that the beds, rugs, couches and curtains smell fresh as a daisy.

Q: Swapping my seasonal wardrobes is always a headache for me – my clothes always smell musty when they emerge from storage so I have to do basket loads of laundry! Is there a secret to putting my clothes away so they smell clean and fresh when I unpack them?

A: Prepping before you store is a great idea and it’ll definitely make that wardrobe swap a much happier and relaxed occasion. Look to traditional wardrobe solutions such as mothballs, chalk, cedar and even baking soda to keep the usual wardrobe nasties at bay: cedar and mothballs are tried and true ways of keeping moths and carpet beetles from feasting on your clothes, while baking soda and chalk work to absorb dampness and odours. If all else fails however, there’s always Febreze/Ambi Pur fabric refresher – a quick spritz will send any musty odours packing and leave your clothes smelling so fresh and so clean.


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Q: I’m having FOMO (fear of missing out) seeing my friends’ holiday snaps in exotic locations but there’s no way I can afford to go on a summer adventure. How can I spice up my staycation?

A: The best thing about staycations is that you can combine all your favourite bits of various countries to create a unique utopian wonderland, all in the comfort of your own home! Treat yourself to an Indian breakfast, take a siesta like the Spanish do, and put on some true-blue New Orleans jazz – it’s like embarking on a whirlwind ‘round-the-world trip in the space of just one day. Scent can play a huge part in helping you escape your everyday life too – use an Ambi Pur plug-in with your favourite scent to blitz away any offensive smells and transport yourself to another realm. And while you’re at it, why not take a few selfies to show the world how much you’re enjoying yourself – there’s nothing like envious comments to really make you feel like you’re on holiday.

Q: I love having guests stay over at my place, but I struggle with smokers and their lingering odours! How can I address the smokey situation in a subtle way so they won’t be offended?

A: It’s a tough one – you don’t want to offend your guests (talk about an awkward situation!) but you shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable in your own home either. Luckily, most smokers understand that cigarette smoke isn’t everyone’s favourite scent, and are more than willing to do what they can to make up for their vice. Politely request that all smoking be done outdoors, and place a Febreze air freshener by the door so guests can clear the air after indulging. Or, if you feel that approach is far too direct, try using an Ambi Pur plug-in – like all Ambi Pur products, it eliminates nasty odours and leaves a light, refreshing scent in its wake so your home is always smoke-free and guest-ready.

Q: My kids and their friends love hanging out at my place and they often come over after school. But while I enjoy having them over, I find their odour quite off-putting, especially during summer when they aredrenched in sweat! How can I keep my home (and my couch) from permanently smelling like sweaty teenage boys?

A: Eau de teenage boy is one of the most distinct and pervasive smells – it seems to waft all through the house and can be difficult to eliminate. But there’s no need to give the boys the boot just yet because Febreze and Ambi Pur are here to save the day! An Ambi Pur plug-in will help you maintain an odour-free, lightly scented home, while a Febreze fabric refresher is an easy fix for any smelly fabrics – just spritz on the affected areas to restore them to their pristine-smelling state. If you absolutely can’t stand the odours and want it gone immediately, try a Febreze aerosol air freshener – a quick spray will sort you out. Febreze eliminates odours and leaves nothing but a light, refreshing scent so you can be sure that your home smells as pleasant as can be, no matter how many sweaty teenage boys you have over.

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When are you going to make a Febreze pocket size spray. I am always concious when travelling through London that I get to a meeting a dont smell my freshest because of pollution etc. There is a mass market for this but still nothing delivered despite hundreds of requests for it

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Great for a quick freshen up without having to wash.

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