Discover the best way to fight limescale without holding your nose.

Fight limescale – without sacrificing a fragrant home

The smell that comes from removing limescale can be a challenge to your senses.

Do you get the “psycho effect” when you notice the limescale all over your house? You’re dying to use your limescale removal product to clean everything up, but you’re terrified of the smell it’ll leave behind…

Before you transform your house into a “no-go-zone” for the whole family, here are few simple and easy tips on how to look for limescale and how to remove it with a fresh scent.


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  • How do you remove limescale? There aren’t a thousand ways to deal with limescale. You can always use the old ‘vinegar’ method, but when you’re finished cleaning the bathroom you’re going to have to find a solution to get rid of that terrible smell. And you’ll run into the same problem if you use any other limescale removal product because they all tend to have the same issue… So what’s the solution?
    Try new Viakal with the freshness of Ambi Pur instead! It helps you quickly eliminate limescale and prevent further build up, while leaving a fresh and clean scent in your house: it’s the best of both worlds! Viakal actually makes cleaning a more enjoyable moment thanks to its subtle aroma that isn’t bothersome when you use and apply the product.
  • How does Viakal work? It has a dual acid system with the right pH in order to remove limescale without damaging sensitive surfaces. In comparison, vinegar has a higher acid concentration making it more corrosive. Viakal has a thick texture that allows the product to act and stay on vertical surfaces. In its composition, Viakal also has surfactant: a typical molecular structure that removes and solubilizes grease and dirt in water.
    Last but not least, the polymer in Viakal works in synergy with the thickness of the formula and the surfactant system to modify the surface’s wetting properties. That’s why Viakal effectively sheets and drains water, and prevents the formation of water marks. And you want to know the best part? New Viakal with the freshness of Febreze is not only very efficient, but it also leaves a lovely scent!

Now that you have a great smelling limescale free home thanks to Viakal’s limescale removal product, you can start thinking about how to make your bathroom cleaning an even more pleasant experience!

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