Five ways to create a magical home for guests this Christmas

Five ways to create a magical home for guests this Christmas

Hosting family and friends this year? Here’s how to spread the seasonal cheer with a welcoming and festive home.

Nothing brings the family together like Christmas, from decorating the tree together to singing carols and snuggling on the sofa watching your favourite Christmas films.

So when you’ve got guests coming to join the fun, make sure their stay is memorable for all the right reasons by following our guide to creating a welcoming home this Christmas.

Give the guest bedroom a makeover

Smarten up your guest beds and make them look warm and inviting. There’s no need to splash the cash to give your guest bedroom a makeover: you can pick up some new festive covers to revamp your existing cushions. Your guest will feel like they’re in their own boutique hotel!

You can also add a pop of colour to any room by pairing your new sheets and duvet cover with a cosy throw or blanket.

Create a welcoming ambiance

The last thing you want your guests to remember is a smelly home. Freshen up a room in two minutes by adding festive candles or potpourri. Try a classic seasonal scent like gingerbread, cinnamon or pine to get your guests into the spirit.

For a quick fix, try a festive spritz of Febreze Air Effects. It doesn’t cover up unpleasant smells – it eliminates them and replaces them with an inviting fragrance.



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Make your bathroom shine

When you’re giving the house a quick tidy before your guests arrive, don’t forget to clean the surfaces – especially in the bathroom. Limescale-stained sinks, mirrors and shower doors can put off even the most unfussy guests.

But there’s no need to waste hours scrubbing. Viakal can do the hard work for you: its fast-acting solution clings to limescale, while the fizzing action lifts off hardened layers, leaving surfaces gleaming. Even better, Viakal adds a protective layer that prevents limescale from even forming – so there’s even less work for you in the long run!

Provide your guests with creature comforts

It’s inevitable that whenever you travel, even if it’s just down the road, there’s always going to be something you’ve forgotten – whether it’s as small as a toothbrush or as large as a Christmas present.

Help your guests out by having some spare creature comforts in their rooms. Keep a guest ‘emergency box’ in each room and fill them with mini shampoos, conditioners, soaps, toothbrushes and spare phone chargers in case someone forgets theirs.

Add the festive touch to guest rooms

Nothing makes your guests feel more at home during the holidays than a bit of festive decoration in their rooms.

Make them feel like they’re in their own winter wonderland by adding a fresh garland, mini Christmas trees and hanging their very own stockings in their rooms – they’ll appreciate the extra effort and it will help them get into the festive mood.

What are your top tips for making your home guest ready this Christmas? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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