Foolproof ways to stop you having to nag when it’s cleaning up time

Foolproof ways to get the kids to clean up (no nagging required)

Use these house cleaning tips for getting the kids involved in the housework without having to nag, scream and yell. And have fun while you do it

Keeping the house ship-shape is hard enough, without having to badger the kids to tidy up their toys, books and messy bedrooms. And the longer you spend cleaning up after them, the less time you have to actually enjoy their company – or your own.

These ideas will not only help motivate them to tidy, but will also make it fun for them, so they’ll be keen to do it next time – and you can kick back for a little longer than before, safe in the knowledge that you’re instilling good habits at the same time.

Here are some ideas to help turn work into play…

Make it competitive

Children have a fierce competitive spirit hard-wired in. Turn tidying into a test against one of their siblings or a friend who’s been over for a playdate, and watch them get hard at it.

Play some music

Stick on your child’s favourite dance track and turn tidying into a dance and singathon.

Turn cleaning time into bubble time

When cleaning time is fun, it makes it much easier to do. Fairy Liquid not only makes washing up easier, the foamy bubbles make it more fun, too. And it’s not just for dishes. Try wiping your child’s bedroom surfaces with a mild solution of Fairy Liquid and water. Blowing the bubbles off the top of the water will make everybody smile. Find out how mums rate Fairy Liquid in their reviews.

Read while they clean

Turn tidying time into story time and read from your child’s favourite book while he or she clears up the bedroom. If they stop, you stop. Tip: make it a good chapter so they’ll want you to keep reading on.

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Freshen the room with ‘monster spray’

If your child gets spooked by the “monster under the bed”, encourage them to keep their room smelling sweet by telling them that monsters are repelled by a scrumptious scent. Then they can help you spray their room with Febreze Air Effects to keep pongs – and monsters – away.

Start a giveaway bag

Make a new rule. Any toys left on the floor after a certain time go into your giveaway bag and these are given to the local hospital or charity shop. Make sure you follow through with this at least once and the toys will magically never be left on the floor again.

Good old-fashioned bribery

Is your child dying to watch that new DVD? Or aching to go out to play? Tell them they have to tidy first and the job will get done quicker than a flash.

Drop the S word

Santa is a big gun to pull out of the bag, and it only works at a certain time of year, of course, but sometimes mentioning that he’s looking on and checking who’s been good and bad is necessary when it’s room-cleaning time.

Invoke the Tooth Fairy

Got a child who’s lost a tooth who has an untidy bedroom? A speedily scrawled letter from the Tooth Fairy explaining how she really wanted to take their tooth but couldn’t make it to the pillow because the room was too messy is a sure-fire way to get cleaning-up done.

How do you make tidying up more fun for the kids? We’d love to read your ideas in the comments box below.

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