How to…care for your flooring

How to... care for your flooring

Keep your floors shining all summer long!

It’s officially the season for enjoying the outdoors – which means finding grass and outdoor dirt all over your nice floor is a reoccurring problem. Our tips below will help keep your floor cleaning routine short, so you can have more fun in the sun!

High Traffic Points
Touch up high-traffic spots regularly to avoid the need for all-over cleans that can take hours. Rather than switching between broom and mop, opt for a 2-in-1 tool such Flash Powermop – this bucket-less system will help you speed through dried on dirt and the thick pad will trap and lock dirt away!

Tip: You can place machine-washable rugs in well-trafficked flooring spots like the kitchen and dining room to catch crumbs and spills, and then it’s easy to just throw it in the wash for a quick, thorough cleaning.

Choose a Routine
Choose a routine time, such as while you’re waiting for dinner to cook, and pick one floor to clean each night. Make sure to cover passageways, the kitchen, busy bathrooms and any other busy walkthroughs.

Tip: Keep cat and dog moulting to a minimum with regular baths and brushing. To catch spills, set their food bowls and litter boxes on trays or washable mats.

Use a 3-step System


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  1. De-Clutter: Begin by clearing floors of in-the-way objects. You’ll spend less time later moving things from here to there just to get to the floor underneath.
  2. Dust: Tiny particles float to the floor as you clean, so save time by dusting first. Start up high with fans and curtains and work your way down to prevent dust from re-settling on surfaces you’ve already cleaned.
  3. Sweep: Sweep, mop or vacuum your finished wood, tile and vinyl floors. Pay close attention to overlooked areas, like inside the cupboards, and be sure to clean under cabinets and furniture.

DIY and Decorate
Having loose bathroom or kitchen floor tiles is as annoying as a stone in your shoe. But it’s easy to fix.

  1. Remove the loose tile and clean it, along with the hole where it was placed
  2. With a trowel spread a thin layer of floor tile adhesive on the back of the tile
  3. Press back into place and wipe up any excess adhesive with a cloth

Whether it’s beauty or function you’re after, you can achieve the best of both when you make an inspired addition to your floor. Big or small, ornamental or functional, there’s a rug that’s just right for every space.

Tip: With so many rugs to choose from, try narrowing your search by size. Measure the area you’d like to cover, and then look for a rug slightly smaller than the space.

If you have any great tips why not share them below.

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A really good list of tasks to do in chronological order. I do try but being disabled slows me down alot.

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