Top 5 shortcuts to keep your kitchen sparkling

Four shortcuts to a sparkling kitchen

Want to spend less time scrubbing and more time with your feet up? Try these tips to make cleaning up after dinner far less of a chore every time.

It sounds obvious, but it’s true: the easiest way to clean your kitchen is to keep it clean! Here’s some shortcuts that will cut down on that ‘one big clean’ a week and help you keep your kitchen sparkling all the time.

1. The self-cleaning blender

Cleaning a blender can be one of the kitchen’s most fidgety tasks. But it really doesn’t need to be with this three-step hack.

1. As soon as your drink’s poured, take the pitcher to the sink and add a bit of warm water, along with a squeeze of Fairy Liquid.
2. Put it back on the blender, and turn it on for 20 seconds. This way, not only will you not have to attack the blender with pipe cleaners, but Fairy Liquid’s concentrated solution means you need just one drop to clean the entire machine in less than a minute.
3. Rinse and leave to dry.

2. The DIY dishwasher

Let your dishwasher do all the work – and we’re not just talking about dishes!

1. Scraping off food bits before putting dishes in the dishwasher washing really does make your dishwasher tablet more effective – but you don’t need to pre-rinse. Your one Fairy Platinum tablet will be much more effective at tough food cleaning if it’s not having to also fight off the previous contents of the dishwasher – plus your dishwasher last longer too.
2. If your dishwasher is only half full, don’t let the water go to waste. Need to clean the fridge? Put refrigerator shelves in with your washing up: that way half your job is done. You can also add in burner covers, making short work of cleaning your hob, especially with Fairy Platinum making the job even easier. If it’s small and it needs cleaning, check it can go in the dishwasher. You might save yourself a bit of additional effort!
3. Sometimes your dishes really do just need a good soak. To save time, put pans in to soak with washing-up liquid before your other dishes, or even just before you sit down to dinner, so you can get on with other tasks, instead of waiting around for last night’s caked-on dinner to (hopefully) lift. Fairy’s superior grease-cutting power makes short work of even the dirtiest dishes. And Fairy Platinum will help your dishwasher deal with what’s left with no problem at all.


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3. The already-cleaned washing up

Washing up while you’re still cooking might seem like a pain, but it actually saves time later, when you’d rather be relaxing.

1. Rinse your utensils and put them in the dishwasher or sink bin as you finish with them, cutting down on the time needed to organize the washing up.
2. Wipe down your work surfaces as you go.
3. Add Fairy Platinum to your dishwasher before you sit down to eat, and let it get to work faster, leaving you more time to spend on not cleaning!

4. The five-minute surface-saver

Surfaces are one of those things that sound so easy in practice, yet somehow dried bits of sauce still end up on the hob. The easiest way to deal with it is simply to clean as you go.

1. Take five minutes out of your day to wipe down any work surfaces you missed during your food preparation, saving yourself a 30-minute weekly slog.
2. One of Fairy Original’s wonder uses is as a makeshift surface cleaner. So even if you’re lacking a dedicated surface cleaner, simply add one drop of Fairy Original to a clean damp sponge to take care of all your surfaces, with no extra effort needed from you.

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Have you got any additional tips to make your washing up work for the whole kitchen? Let us know in the comments below.

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Did not know about putting white vinegar in with the wash,how much and do you put it in with your softener,can. Does anyone have any good ideas on cleaning wooden work tops without causing any damage.

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I don't have a dishwasher but I think it's not a very nice principle to wash all the dishes in very greasy water. When I wash by hand I do the cleanest and glasses first, moving on to less dirty then more dirty items. But a dishwasher releases all the grease from the greasy pans down onto the cleaner glasses and cups. Then it needs gallons of water and strong detergents to wash it all off. I agree it's time saving. Maybe use a pre-wash rinse before putting in the glasses.

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I add white vinegar to every wash to keep the water soft and the washing machine free from bad smells and running better. My last washing machine lasted years! When I opened the plug it didn't have any gunk like the one before it, it was crystal clear water and NO smell! :-D

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Washer - every 4 weeks put half a bottle of vinegar in empty washer - put on high wash - hey presto...clean as a whistle

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If your washing machine starts to get a bit smelly put a mug full of washing soda crystals in the drum and put it in the hottest wash possible, ( empty !) The smell will disappear and your washing machine will be clean again. Just give the rubber seal a wipe around afterwards.

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