Essential home security checklist

Essential home security checklist

There are many things you can do to keep your home safe while you’re away on holiday.

Check out our essential holiday checklist:


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  • Don’t announce to the world you’re going away. Stay quiet online, don’t reveal it on social media platforms until you get home, and that includes not posting sandy beach shots for all to drool over!
  • Get your pets booked in for their holiday stay too. Kennels and Cattery’s get booked up in advance.
  • Ask a friend or neighbor to keep an eye out for any post that isn’t pushed through your letterbox properly. It’s an instant giveaway.
  • However you want to leave your curtains when you’re away (open or closed) keep them like that for the few weeks before you go. Any changes in window treatments could be an instant indicator that no one’s home.
  • Leave your keys with someone you trust in case there is an emergency. Ask that person to check your house once a week. Don’t leave spare keys anywhere.
  • If you are taking your car away with you ask a neighbor to park theirs on your drive. It will look like someone is home.
  • Ask a neighbour to put a box of their recycling on your front garden on collection day. Nothing says ‘no one is home’ like an empty drive! While you’re at it make sure you have emptied all your bins in your home.
  • The old home security tips are still the best! Always get timers for your lighting. Ones that are programmable for up to seven days are perfect as you can change the time each day that they go on and off.
  • Unplug any electricals that use a standby - microwaves, ovens, TV, DVD, set top box etc. They all use up unnecessary power and costs.
  • Leave your house nice and tidy. There’s nothing worse than returning from a hotel to a messy bedroom. Use Lenor fabric softener for your bedding, put a Febreze Set and Refresh air freshener in the room and close the door. When you return home your bedroom will be just as inviting as any hotel room and will still smell great.
  • Clear out your fridge. Give away any perishables then give it a good clean with Flash. Freeze a one pint bottle of milk so you can have tea and breakfast when you arrive home.
  • Lock up everything. Windows, garages, back doors and exterior fence doors. 

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