How to make your house feel like 'home' again after Christmas

How to make your house feel like ‘home’ again after Christmas

Coming back to a cold, empty house after spending the festivities away can be a shock to the system. Here’s how to get that homely feeling back in moments.

It’s been a great Christmas and you’ve made some wonderful memories with the kids, whether they’ve been playing board games around the fire with the grandparnets or mastering parallel skiing on the slopes.

But soon enough you’ll be back to reality, and coming back to a cold, empty house with musty-smelling rooms can bring you down to earth with a bump. So try following these steps to quickly turn your house back into the warm and welcoming home you love.

Unpack right away

Don’t put off the dreaded post-holiday laundry: put your worn clothing straight in the washing machine and stow the suitcase away. It’ll help you settle back into your normal routine.

It’s also worth remembering to do as much laundry as you can before you leave, so there’s no extra dirty clothing in the basket when you arrive home.

Freshen up the rooms

Open the curtains and let some daylight in, immediately bringing your home back to life. Also try using Febreze Air Effects to freshen and clean the air in your home and deal with any mustiness.

Febreze doesn’t just mask smells, but instead uses special OdourClear technology to neutralize and get rid of bad odour molecules – leaving your home as pleasant smelling as it was before you left.



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Prepare a tasty treat for your return

The last thing you want to come back to is a festering fridge. So before you go, make sure you’ve used up any perishable food. You can use almost any ingredients to make a tasty stew and freeze it – this way, you’ll avoid a nasty pong when you walk back in the kitchen and you’ll have something effortless and delicious to rustle up when you return.

Take care of the plants

Check on all indoor plants and give them a top up of water to revitalize any that might have gone limp while you’ve been away. Your Christmas tree probably isn’t looking as fresh as it was in early December either, so get the kids to help take down the decorations and move it outside to mark an end to the festive season.

Make some time for relaxation

Finally, relax and enjoy the rest of the Christmas holiday before the kids go back to school.

Lighting a Febreze candle will not only eliminate any unwanted musty smells, but also set a lovely ambience for your first dinner with the family at home.

With these tips you’ll be able to skip the post-Christmas blues and settle in to home straight away. After all, while Christmas away is fun and exciting, there’s no place like home.

Pine, cranberry or spiced apple… what’s your favourite festive scent? Let us know in the comments below.

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