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Keep your home glistening

Keeping your home pristine clean, freshly fragrant and environmentally efficient needn't be a chore. The smallest little changes can make a world of difference.

Clean as you cook
Don’t leave all the mess until the end. Do you really want to deal with a mountain of dishes after dinner? Take it step by step and wipe down all surfaces as you go. Once you’re done with all the chopping, throw any waste directly in the bin and throw the knife and chopping board in the dishwasher.

Done with the colander? Dishwasher. Done with the grater? Dishwasher. You get the gist.

What about when you’re done with cooking? You’re not going to wash up before you sit down to the delightful dinner you’ve just prepared! Pop all of the pots and pans in the dishwasher, too so that your kitchen tops can’t even tell you’ve been cooking on them.

You can enjoy your dinner knowing that there isn’t a mountain of dishes waiting to be taken care of.

Once you’re done with dinner, all you have to do is pop the glasses, plates and cutlery into the dishwasher. Using Fairy Platinum dishwasher tablets will help ensure everything comes out sparkling – what’s more it also helps prevent the build-up of grease in your filter so you won’t be left worrying about those pots and pans.

Voila, all done! Click here for more tips and tricks on washing your dishes. 

No more smelly showers!
Shower curtains are the best real estate for limescale and soap scum. Who can blame them? With those rolling hills of vinyl, the spectacular amount of rainfall per year and of course, the humid weather. What’s not to love?

Luckily there’s a quick and easy way to get rid of it... Just spray some Viakal Limescale Remover on your shower curtain, let it get to work, wipe away, rinse and say goodbye to that limescale build-up.

You can also use Viakal spray to bring new life to taps and tiles in your shower, too. Simply apply to a soft sponge and wipe at any marks. Leave for up to five minutes before wiping to reveal sparkling shine. When used regularly you’ll be able to keep on top of limescale and enjoy a sparkling shower.

To help tackle any smells building up simply choose Febreze Set and Refresh. Choose from a range of scents and leave one in your bathroom to help it smell clean and fresh.

Use magic
Do you find stains and marks appearing through your home? Have the children drawn crayon drawings on the wall again? Has the inside of your microwave started to look a little messy? Are there scuff marks on the floor from all the shows making their way through the house?

Luckily, when it comes to stubborn stains we’ve got a neat little trick for you – introducing the Flash Magic Eraser! This multi-purpose tool is a godsend in almost all rooms in your home.

What’s more, the Magic Eraser is simple to use, too! Just add water to it and it’s ready for action. Just remember to test it on a discreet area to ensure there’s no adverse effect. Once it’s ready apply the Magic Eraser to the offending mark and watch as it wipes away the dirt!

Ambi Pur
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We don't have a dishwasher and don't have room for one. Put used knives in the sink right away especially if they were used on raw meat. You must wash off raw meaty germs with soap and water - Fairy is very good and a bottle lasts a long time. Use it on chopping boards and work surfaces in the kitchen too.

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