Keeping your home clean can be a real chore!

Keeping your home clean can be a real chore!

Scent is so important to our well-being. Just think how a spritz of your favourite perfume, freshly brewed coffee or a vase of beautiful flowers makes you feel.

We all want our homes to be fresh and inviting, so it’s frustrating when you spend ages cleaning it only to be left with a place you want to escape from – rather than relax in – because of the unnatural "cleaning product" smell. 

Strong scents favoured by some traditional cleaners may give your home a synthetic ‘just cleaned’ feeling for a while, but the smell can quickly fade leaving you reaching for the mop or cloth again. To ensure your home is always a pleasant place to be, it not only needs to look clean, but SMELL truly clean too and make you feel invigorated.

Now Flash with Febreze combines the cleaning power of Flash and the lasting freshness of Febreze in one product that leaves surfaces free from grime, soapscum and water marks, and brings the scent of exotic destinations into the heart of your home. And because a room feels cleaner when it smells fresher, you can spend less time on the cleaning, leaving you more time doing what you love.


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Keep your home fresh:
· Pop a dish of bicarbonate of soda in your fridge to keep it odour free
· Open the windows to let stale air out and fresh air in
· Keep a vase of your favourite flowers in a prominent place so you can enjoy their fragrance all day
· Enjoy a scented bath, using your favourite aromatherapy oil. It’ll leave you and your bathroom smelling delicious
· Light a scented candle for a delicious boost of fragrance and warming glow – perfect for creating a cosy evening atmosphere
· Don't forget to use your favourite Flash with Febreze scent to keep your home fresher for longer

Bring the exotic scents from around the world into your home this autumn with tropical Thai Orchid or the fresh outdoor scented New Zealand Spring from Flash with Febreze, available as an all purpose spray and liquid in your local supermarket now!

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I always put one or two drops of pot pourii liquid scent in the water, I use to clean furniture or other stuff. It spreads the fragrance inside the whole house and make it feel fresh and nice.

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