The secret to getting your kids to love washing up

The secret to getting your kids to love washing up

A problem shared is a problem halved. Unfortunately, as we all know, that message doesn’t always seem to get through to our children when we need their help with cleaning up after dinner! To persuade your family that washing up needn’t to be boring, we’ve put together some ideas to get your young ones in the cleaning mood.

Cleaning can be monotonous, especially for children who can be both easily distracted and easily bored. But music makes everything more fun, so by putting on some loud, sing-along tunes while you’re washing up, you can turn doing the dishes into an extension of family time. How about scrubbing to the beat, or dancing at your sink?

Don’t forget, too, that Fairy Original creates more bubbles that last for longer. And we all know that kids love bubbles. So just add music, and your nightly washing up can become a foam party your kids look forward to!

Ready, steady, wash!

There’s nothing quite like a bit of family competition to get everyone working faster, so why not bring that to the washing up? By splitting your family up into teams, you can get some speedy washing up action going by giving a reward to the first team to finish (see our section ‘Make a reward table’ below).

It’s not just speed that matters here, though. Each plate and pan will need to be inspected for cleanliness before the award is given. Although thanks to Fairy Original’s better grease-cutting power, meaning it can clean even the toughest dishes in just one wash, that shouldn’t be a problem. Even the team ‘stuck’ with the most caked-on pots and pans should be able to finish their dishes with ease.

Splitting the washing up duties in this way shows your kids that working together gets cleaning done faster, giving everyone more time for fun and games – and races!

Points win prizes

Not all cleaning is made equal: some dishes really are worse than others.

Why not encourage your children to tackle even the worst washing up by assigning points to each dish? You could try five points per plate, one point per knife, fork or spoon, and 10 points for that really horrible pot that needs a good soak. Whoever gets the most points gets a reward (see our section ‘Make a reward table’ below).

As Fairy Original makes all washing up a breeze, you might even find that your children start fighting over who gets to do the worst dishes!


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Speed cleaning

Similarly to Ready, steady, wash!, make washing up into a race – only this time get the kids to work together.

Set them a realistic time in which to get the dishes washed, dried, and put away, and see if they can beat it. Then each wash they can try to beat their previous time, allowing some leeway for crusty pots and pans.

Because Fairy Original can be used in cold water, there’s no need to worry about your children scalding themselves in the rush to get the washing up done. Plus its grease-cutting power will help ensure that the dishes are cleaned properly, even if it is a speed clean!

Make a reward table

All children love seeing their accomplishments on the refrigerator door. Why not add their achievements in washing up to the list?

You can use a simple reward table to keep track of your kids’ progress in doing the washing up. Of course, extra rewards mean additional motivation to keep going with the cleaning. Maybe the most points each week earns them an extra slice of cake, or the fastest time gets an extra scoop of ice cream.

Of course, however you’d like to get your kids more involved in the washing up, make sure you’re always there to keep an eye on them, and check that the water’s not too hot for them. Also make sure that you wash anything sharp beforehand. If your small ones are keen, let them get involved by drying the dishes, rather than washing them.

Try some of these tricks and we’re sure your kids will love doing the washing up in no time!

For more ways to get the cleaning done in record time, see our Speedy clean up for busy mums

How do you get your kids to help out with household chores? Let us know in the comments section below.

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