Laundry: single unit dose, gels, liquid, powders and color enhancers

There is new information printed on your laundry products. It is important to know that the products have not changed.

We now provide additional information to let you know the safest and most environmentally responsible use of these products, putting important information at your fingertips. If you would like to learn more, please call our Customer Relations Center so we can answer your concerns 01932 896000


Has the product changed?
The products have not changed in any way.


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Are the products any less safe than before?
Products have not changed in any way. Our products, including the new ink being used in labeling, meet or exceed regional, national and international regulations.

Will the ink stain?
The ink on the new packaging will not stain your washing machine, or the clothes inside. We have run 100 different tests at all available settings to ensure the normal functioning of your cleaning products at all times.

Is it an expiry date?
This information is not an expiry date. The current information is meaningless to the consumer and has been created to test print quality and legibility.

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