Fresh Sheet Week

Fresh Sheet Week

There's nothing quite like getting a good night’s sleep to get you feeling ready for the day ahead. So what stops so many of us from getting our eight hours?

Who doesn't love waking up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle whatever life throws our way? We all know how important a good night's sleep is and yet research suggests that 62 per cent of Brits feeling unable to switch off from their busy lifestyles. So it is essential we consider a few little changes that could make a big difference to the way we sleep.

Interestingly, a massive 72 per cent of people* feel that fresh and clean bed sheets are the most important factor in helping them relax and sleep better, with over half of respondents claiming they feel cleaner and happier after sleeping in fresh sheets. And let's face it, with these long dark nights and cold winter weather, most of us could do with a little lift to make each morning a little brighter and put a spring in our step for the rest of the day!

But wouldn't it be great if that fresh sheet feeling could last longer than one day? Actually, 61 per cent of people wished the scent of fresh sheets could last for a whole week rather than just the day they are changed.

With Lenor's long lasting freshness formula, you can keep that 'just clean' experience for longer, and turn your fresh sheet day into 'Fresh Sheet Week'. Plus Lenor's new formula has been specially created to provide an enriched scent that diffuses through bed sheets during the wash and then bursts to release an invigorating aroma of scent through touch, movement or heat.


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So give 'Fresh Sheet Week' a try and you won't only get that satisfying scent of freshly washed sheets for the initial day when you've changed the bed but for up to a whole week after.

Plus, you can select your favourite scent for the season or mix it up to have a different fragrance each time you change the sheets and discover which scent you find most relaxing to get you off to a good night's sleep this winter.

Try out 'Fresh Sheet Week' in your house and see just how well that freshly washed smell really does last. In fact, your bed will be so appealing that the only problem you might have is getting out of it in the morning!

* 2011 Ipsos research Germany

Lenor Infusions - Fine Topaz & Magnolia

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