Make it child’s play to clean up after the kids

House Cleaning With The Flash Eraser

Kids playing indoors can play havoc with your home. Flash Magic Eraser’s swift stain removal makes light work of the cleaning up.

Make it fun       

So, you know you can relax about the mess, but how do you think of things to do with the kids in the first place? Things that are fun for them and you.   

Here are a few ideas:

Pirate Ships and Princess Castles – Kids love building dens. Just make sure they have lots of old blankets, sheets and pillows and let their imaginations run riot.

Getting crafty – It’s a good idea to have a box of arts and crafts materials to hand. Fill it with things like pens, glitter, coloured paper and glue. Set things aside for a spot of junk modelling too. That teabag box is just destined to be turned into a robot.

Let’s play dress up – Another useful thing in a mum’s toolkit is a dressing up box. Who knows, their costumes might even inspire them to put on a show.



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What’s cooking – Kids of all ages love to get busy in the kitchen. It’s even more fun if you have an indoor picnic with what you’ve made. You can use the Flash Eraser afterwards to help clean up a dirty hob or tiles.

Treasure hunt – Making an indoor treasure hunt for your little treasures is a sure-fire way to a happy afternoon. You can even make clues for little ones who aren’t old enough to read yet by drawing theirs.

Always follow the usage instructions on the pack when using Flash Magic Eraser. If you’re using the product on a new surface, test on a discreet area first.


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Bought one and must admit it sat in my cupboard for months as I had no faith it would daughter then got hold of her older sisters eyeliner one day and scribbled it on the wall, I was racking my brains thinking what I could use to get it off, even contemplating touching it up with the leftover paint....that's when I remembered the flash eraser......I was amazed, it bought off the bkack eyeliner completely whilst not damaging my paint either! fantastic product.

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Lives up to the standard we expect of Flash products.

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Wow I was so impressed with the magic eraser. It was so cheap and I've used it to do so many things.... cleaned the grouting on tiles in bathroom, doors, oven top, window frames(condensation leaves quite a mess), many others to. It did eventually fall apart but for the price I don't expect it to last forever.

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I thought this was good at getting things clean but after 2 x of using the flash magic cleaner it started to fall apart that disappointed me as I thought it work really well and got the job done I just would have liked it to have lasted a bit longer

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I bought a flash magic cleaner and im so glad i did as i moved into a flat this week and ive used it near on every room from the kitchen oven/top to walls and bathroom. It worked amazin on all the spashes of emulsion paint where it had been recently painted. Well impressed definatly always going to have this item in my cleaning place under the sink. :-)

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