Make your silverware shine like treasure

Make your silverware shine like treasure

Even your children will enjoy doing the housework with this great tip for cleaning silverware.

It’s no fun spending all day shining silverware like a Victorian housemaid, but this handy tip will get it sorted the fun way…

Making silverware sparkle

Here’s what you'll need:
Kitchen foil
Baking soda
Very hot water (boiling, if you like, but be careful if there are children with you)


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Combine the ingredients above in a clean kitchen sink. Put your tarnished silver (and silver-plated) items into the sink, and let them sit for a few minutes. Watch as the tarnish disappears from the silverware and reappears on the foil. It’s a natural chemical reaction, and a great way to teach the kids some science!

Note: This trick works so well that it will clean out the nooks and crannies that give some silverware the “aged” look, so you may only want to do it occasionally.

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