Scent to school happy

Scent to school happy

See how Joanne brought a little home comfort to her daughter’s new school life.

Often, doing something ordinary can have an extraordinary impact. We call this the Everyday Effect , and we asked families across the UK to share their stories of how the little things have made a big difference to them, or someone close to them.

For Joanne Bowen, washing her 12-year-old daughter Shanine’s school uniform in the familiar scent of Bold Lavender has helped her settle in to secondary school life. The comforting scent reminds Shanine of fun days at home, when she and her brothers curl up on the sofa to watch a film. It’s such a happy memory for Shanine, it keeps her smiling as she gets used to her new school.


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Joanne’s story shows how a simple scent can trigger a comforting thought, and is a great idea for other mums supporting their children for the new term. We love it, and now Joanne, Shanine and the rest of the Bowen family have won an exciting activity holiday in the heart of the UK countryside.

We’ll catch up with Joanne in a few weeks to see how she got on exploring the forest and getting muddy so come back soon to find out how she got on.

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