Shed those calories with Cleanaerobics!

Shed those calories with Cleanaerobics!

If running is not entirely your thing and you can’t bring yourself to face the gym either, don’t worry. You can still burn tons of calories next time you bring out the mop or vacuum cleaner.

Spring cleaning will never be the same again after watching our video with celebrity mum and dancer Kimberly Wyatt. With the right power song and tools it can actually be fun. Lots of research shows that cleaning is a great way to burn calories too – just in case you needed a little more convincing.

•  Mopping burns on average 153 calories
•  Hand-washing floors for 30 minutes burns up to 187 calories
•  Scrubbing the tub for 15 minutes burns 90 calories on average
•  Vacuuming floors, carpets and rugs for 30 minutes burns 119 calories
•  Sweeping inside or outside for 30 minutes burns 136 calories
•  Cleaning windows on the in and outside for 30 minutes burns 167 calories
•  Rearranging your closet can burn up to 85 calories

Of course, using the right cleaning products – like Fairy, Flash, Febreze and Viakal – means you’ll probably need a lot less elbow grease. So here are a few tips to work up more of a sweat next time you spring clean. (Have a stretch first to warm up those muscles!)

Lunge: do some walking lunges when you vacuum. Remember to keep your knees directly above your ankles, your back straight and your stomach muscles engaged. Please don’t do this if you have knee problems.

Big is the way to go: when you’re scrubbing the shower and cleaning windows or mirrors, make long, sweeping movements – this will burn more calories than small circles.


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Squats: when you’re loading the dishwasher, do deep squats to help tone your leg muscles. If you have knee problems, try a twist-and-reach move with your arms instead.

Step it up: replace one trip up the stairs with multiple ones. You can do this by taking one item up at a time.

Beat it: instead of vacuuming your rugs or bathroom mats, hang them outside and use the broom to beat out the dust.

Doing this with your favourite tracks on full blast will also help you to pick up speed and burn even more calories faster.

Do you have your own Cleanaerobics moves? Let us know below.

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