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Goodbye stinky fabrics and furniture, hello Febreze fresh! Check out our tips for more ways to keep your home fresh.

Ever wished you had a washing machine big enough to fit your sofa? How about your mattress? With summer well under way, the rising temperatures can elevate even the slightest odours to stink alert levels, and the addition of sweaty guests sure don’t help. But hold your horses before you start drafting designs for the world’s largest washing machine – we’ll let you in on a secret that’ll restore your soft furnishings to their freshly scented state so you can be the hostess with the mostest, whatever the occasion may be.

Freshness in a spritz
Febreze Fabric Refresher is the only solution that truly eliminates odours, leaving nothing behind but a light, fresh scent. Its exclusive odour eliminating technology locks on to odour molecules to banish them for good, and your fabrics and furniture will smell oh-so-fresh and so clean.

One solution for the entire home
Stinky carpet? No problem. Musty curtains? Tick. The same goes for couches, cushions, mattresses, even thick winter jackets! If it’s made out of fabric, Febreze Fabric Refresher can almost certainly give it a rejuvenating fresh-over.

Pet odours no longer a pet peeve
Love your fur babies but find their odours embarrassing when guests come around? Luckily for you, Febreze’s odour eliminating technology makes pet stinks a thing of the past so your couch (and other soft furnishings) smell brand new… your guests will definitely appreciate it! Plus, the entire line of Febreze products is safe for use around both humans and pets when used according to the label instructions.



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Spring cleaning scent-sation
Don’t you hate it when your curtains, couch and mattress still smell musty, even after you’ve cleaned your home from top to bottom? Febreze Fabric Refresher is a spring cleaning saviour with its exclusive odour eliminating technology – just spritz on fabrics and soft furniture for an instant spring clean.

Sports stinks? No way
Ugh, sweaty sports odours are the worst – smelly sneakers, socks, towels, gym bags… you name it, your guests can smell it. It’s easy to put your workout gear in the wash, but you’ll need the odour-eliminating power of Febreze Fabric Refresher for the rest. From sneakers and gym bags to those sweaty patches on the car upholstery, you can count on Febreze to eradicate those sports stinks.

Only Febreze eliminates odours
When it comes to tackling odours in soft fabrics, Febreze Fabric Refresher is the only solution. Plus, it is safe on virtually all fabrics, making it the one-stop solution for the soft furnishings in your home!

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