Spring clean your car

Spring clean your car

After a winter of muddy boots, wet dogs and messy kids, your car may be in need of a spring clean. Follow these quick steps for a fresh, gleaming, odour-free car that you’ll not only enjoy driving but also be proud to be seen in.

Step 1: Be ruthless!
To achieve that ‘just valeted’ feel, throw out all the junk you don’t need in your car. Sweet wrappers, broken umbrellas, old newspapers, empty oil bottles: get rid of it all.

Step 2: Let in the air
Open all the doors to your car and, if you’re able, remove the seats. This may seem like a challenge but it’s worth the effort to get into all those nooks and crannies.

Step 3: Grab the vacuum cleaner...
…and explore every corner. It’s worth the backache. Tiny pieces of dropped food and roadside dirt - all of them expel tiny quantities of gas that collectively make your car’s interior a very smelly place.



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Step 4: Apply some elbow grease
Next, it’s time to grab detergent and hot water, polish and cloths and perhaps even the scrubbing brush. Wipe away the kids’ grimy fingerprints from the windows, leave the dashboard sparkling and use cotton buds to get the dirt out of small crevices.

Step 5: Sit pretty
Car upholstery receives some hard wear and tear. Spilt drinks, dirty dogs, wet clothing, oily bike chains – there are lots of opportunities for dirt to become ingrained in the fabric. Scrape off dried matter before tackling nasty marks with dedicated cleaning products and stain removers. Use specialised products to keep leather and vinyl upholstery looking good. Febreze Fabric Refresher can be used on textile seats, carpets and mats to instantly refresh fabric you can’t wash.

Step 6: You know it makes scents
You’ve put in the hard work. Now make sure the benefits of your careful cleaning last till summer and install a Febreze Car air freshener in your car. It’s designed to neutralise nasty smells so you only smell your favourite scents, leaving you with a fragrant and uplifting interior that will make driving from point A to B a lot more pleasant.

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