Spring clean your closet

Spring clean your wardrobe

Tips on how to streamline your closet space and improve clothes care at the same time

It might seem like a good idea never to throw anything away, but if you over-stuff your wardrobe you make life easier for moths to lay their damaging eggs. Follow these cleaning tips to organise your wardrobe.

  1. Take everything out of your wardrobe, laying it out on your bed, creating three piles: regular wears, special outfits, never-wears.
  2. If you keep shoes or other clutter on the floor of your cupboards, take these out too.
  3. Give your wardrobe a good clear out with a vacuum cleaner, making sure you get into every crevice and corner.
  4. Hang little pouches of cedar-scented balls on the rail – a natural deterrent for moths that won’t make your clothes smell of chemicals.
  5. Dust off shoes and place them in a shoe rack, or use boxes to store them dust-free and make them easy to stack..
  6. Items in your never-wear pile should be recycled or given to charity. Items you really can’t discard should be stored away. Vacuum storage bags are great – they keep clothes dust-free in a smaller space. You’ll find them in high street home stores. Simply seal the bag and suck out the air using your vacuum cleaner. Amazingly it doesn’t damage clothes.
  7. Make sure your special occasion outfits are clean and in good shape, then re-hang in your wardrobe, ideally covered with a clothes bag.
  8. Check over your regular-wear clothes. Put anything in the wash that doesn’t seem fresh.
  9. Use closet organisers  or arrange your clothes on hangers according to when you wear them (similar colours together, lighter blouses with skirts etc) to make your wardrobe easier to use.
  10. Make extra space in your wardrobe by folding away clothes that don’t really need a hanger, and putting them in drawers instead.

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