Spring Scent-sation!

Swing into the spring spirit with these on-trend fresh scents… but don’t forget to banish any odours first!

Shake off that cool weather mindset and shimmy your way into spring! The onset of warmer weather brings with it longer days and brighter colours, along with the gorgeous fresh scents of spring gardens and flowers. It’s the perfect time to rejuvenate your home with these spring scent-sations, but make sure you banish any lingering stale winter smells first – you don’t want your favourite scents tainted by odours! Luckily, Febreze’s odour-eliminating expertise expels any nose-wrinkling stinks, so you can start fresh with this season’s on-trend scents.

Warm up with vanilla
There’s nothing like the comforting scent of vanilla – it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside! This on-trend scent will thaw out any wintry odours left over from the cold season, and it’ll make your home smell like freshly baked goods to boot. Try Febreze’s Vanilla Flower scent – it eliminates odours to leave a delicate vanilla perfume enriched with hints of petals and fruit. It’s the perfect scent to ease you into spring, and your guests are bound to love the welcoming fragrance too!

An al-fresco delight for your nose
Picnics in the park with cool melon slices, cucumber sandwiches and fresh air… spring doesn’t get much better than that! So it’s no wonder the refreshing scent of lotus verbena is in this season – it’s all the goodness of an al-fresco picnic in a sniff! I’m all about the Lotus Verbena scent from Febreze as it removes odours while infusing the home with a subtle mix of refreshing melon, cucumber and soft sandalwood. The scent evokes memories of lazy lunches with the ladies, so why not invite the girls around for a delightful afternoon tea so they can appreciate the wonderful fragrance too?



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Bloomin’ lovely
Nothing says spring like wonderfully scented flowers in bloom. But if you aren’t lucky (or green-fingered) enough to own your very own patch of Eden, you can rack up quite the bill on those floral creations. Luckily there’s a clever solution: use a pretty floral scent such as Febreze’s Freesia Bloom to create the illusion of a flowery meadow, right in your home. And if you really want to go the full hog, why not invest in some quality silk flowers to complete the picture? Your guests will never guess! Plus, Febreze even eliminates all odours so you (and your visitors) will smell nothing but the fresh scents of springtime blooms.

These on-trend scents are a great way of rejuvenating your home with minimum fuss and budget, but remember – it’s always important to eliminate odours first, so you can enjoy your favourite scents in their purest form. That’s why Febreze’s seasonal scents are so good – they eliminate odours and leave nothing behind but the light, fresh spring scent of your choice so you’re always ready to welcome any unexpected guests.

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