Tales of the unexpected guests

When the doorbell rings, are you confident your home is ready for visitors?

Be a sparkling hostess 

Always keeping your bathroom and kitchen at their sparkling best is easy with Viakal. Not only will it instantly banish limescale and watermarks but, thanks to its unique water-sheeting technology, it’ll  also keep them at bay for 3x longer than other limescale cleaners.

Frozen food and warm welcomes

How about stocking up your freezer with a few simple meals you can pull out for unexpected guests? Or having a few ‘store-cupboard suppers’ up your sleeve? Even a few nibbles to serve with a drink makes people feel welcome.

Ten minutes and counting


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The phone rings and you find yourself saying yes, do pop in.  But then you look around and realise that the house is a tip. Don’t panic. The trick is to do the things that make the most difference. A quick sweep of clutter and plump of the sofa cushions in the sitting room. A wipe over of the bathroom and a fresh new hand towel.

But remember

We all like our homes to look nice when people come round, but it’s important to bear in mind that your guests have to come to see you. They won’t notice or care if everything isn’t pristine. And better to have a relaxed hostess than an immaculate home any day!


We’d love to hear your ‘surprise guests’ stories – good and bad!                                                                                                                                                  

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I used to find myself feeling like this when my children were toddlers, I am more happy to have unexpected guests now, I can really relate to this article. When you are struggling to manage work and two young children, it is hard to have a pristine house and food and drink on offer for unexpected or even expected guests. I am now more organised and have settled into a regime of cleaning things up as soon as possible- during preparation of food for example. (My husband is not so good at this!)

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