Thats Fairyconomy

That’s Fairyconomy!

5 smart moves from Fairy to help you save at home

At Fairy, we think you can never have too many savings tips at your finger-tips, so we’ve put together 5 “smart moves” to help you save at home:

1. Only buy what you need

It sounds silly, but we’re all guilty of buying more than we need and then throwing it away, which means you’re literally throwing away your money! Try only buying fresh food for a few days at a time to save it going ‘off’ and only buy offers for products that you actually use!

2. Cheaper is not always better value

Don’t compromise on cleaning products. Cheapest is not always the best. Sometimes products which cost a little more, last longer or perform better – actually giving you better value for money!

3. Don’t use unnecessary power

Don’t leave electrical items on stand-by. This uses up so much unnecessary power which is bad for the purse and the environment.

4. Switch to (healthy) frozen food


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Where possible switch to frozen food, such as frozen vegetables or berries, as it totally eliminates waste. You only use what you need and the rest is safely there for when you need it next.

5. Enjoy a great meal at home

It’s not all about going to expensive restaurants with your friends (though we all deserve a treat every now and then!). A delicious home-cooked meal will provide just as much fun, but cost as little as half the price.

When you’re shopping don’t forget to buy Fairy Original washing up liquid. It lasts up to 2X longer than the next best-selling brand that costs a few pence less. That’s Fairyconomy!

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"Fairy Clean and Fresh cleans my dishes brilliantly. I noticed the quality of the clean when compared to my regular dishwasher tablets; glasses sparkle and cups gleam." - Claire Coates

"I was amazed at how clean and sparkly the dishwasher was! Not only were my cups/plates etc...clean so was my dishwasher …wow! Very, very, happy." - Sarah Nicholson

"Opening the dishwasher after a cycle resulted in a blast of zingy freshness which filled the kitchen. This left a clean smell throughout the kitchen, making it smell like I'd just had a good scrub round all the work tops (without the effort!)." - Liz Stein

"The Fairy Clean & Fresh is an amazing product! – my dishes were left sparkly clean & fresh. They were actually squeaky clean! As soon as I opened up the packet, the smell instantly hit me." - Alleyene White

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I've recently changed to using fairy dishwasher products and they're fantastic.I also bought the fairy dishwasher cleaner tablets - a little dearer than others but believe me the result was fantastic - it cleaned my dishwasher so well,it looked like new again!!!Please try it everyone - you won't believe the end result - brilliant!!!

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Ambi Pur 3volution outdoes other air fresheners!

Ambi Pur 3volution outdoes other air fresheners!


I cannot believe how long it lasts! Compared to other air fresheners I've used in the past - this by far outdoes them all. The scent is strong enough to notice but not overpowering. Very happy and will definitely continue to use! 5* without a doubt.


by Ambassador