The 30-minute kitchen clear out

The 30-minute kitchen clear out

How to get those worktops and cupboards gleaming when time is short.

It’s still important to keep your kitchen tidy and clean otherwise you’ll find unwanted creepy crawlies in your flour and black things growing at the back of your fridge! The problem is, once you start pulling out jars and tins and pots and spoons, you find tidying the kitchen is a five-hour job. So how can you focus on what’s important and get the task done in half an hour?

Where to start

Prioritise what you need to get clean. This most important task is keeping your kitchen in a clean state to prepare food in a hygienic manner, but the other side to cleaning it out is that you’ll feel better about being in your kitchen. It might not make your soufflé taste any better, but it might boost your desire to at least try to make a soufflé!

Food hygiene – 20 minutes

For a quick clean, the priorities should be the fridge and worktops where you keep food.

Take all the shelves and veg drawers out of your fridge. You’d be amazed at the black goo that can sit around shelf fixings! The good news is that fridge shelves are really easy to clean with warm water and all purpose liquid cleaner. (If your freezer is beginning to look like the Artic, set aside another time to make it a priority rather than adding it to a focused clean here.)


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On worktops, take everything off (including jars and chopping boards) so that you can really clean all the way to the back of the worktop. On a day to day basis we tend to just wipe away the debris of food preparation but mess lays hiding in every corner!

In cupboards, take out all the tins, packets etc and wipe the shelves with warm water and all purpose liquid cleaner. Shelves tend to get mucky from the supermarket grubbiness carried in on tin bases, with stray herbs falling out of opened packets and dribbles from sauce bottles, but shelves are easy to wipe down so this is a quick win. As you put the food back in, try to arrange it in a more useful order (ingredients you use most at the front). You don’t have to put your tins in alphabetical order or anything that extreme, but tidying them up a bit will look a lot better. Take a quick look at use-by dates at the same time and filter out anything that’s too old.

Adding sparkle – 10 minutes
No-one enjoys cleaning the oven but it has to be done. If your oven is encrusted with baked-on stains then, like the defrost, allocate a different half hour specifically for this task. In the meantime, get a good specialist oven or grease cleaner and apply it according to the instructions. Even if you only get the top layer of burnt food off first time, every little helps!  If it’s one of those treatments you leave for five minutes, get on with wiping the outside of your oven while you wait. The quickest way to get oven doors and windows clean is with one swipe of a cleaning wipe.

For the hob use the non-scour side of a sponge and cleaning spray. The feel good factor of seeing it gleam kicks in immediately! If the oven doesn’t keep you too busy, give the kitchen windows a wipe too – grease in the air can make the inside of the windows a bit grubby even without you realising.

Lastly, how often do you wash your sink? Give the sink its own quick clean with cleaning spray, including a rub between the taps.

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Always nice to have a clean kitchen. I find it you keep the sides clean and clear, it is easier to clean over and much quicker too.

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