The less-work, more-fun guide to Christmas

The less-work, more-fun guide to Christmas

The quicker you get the chores out of the way, the more you can enjoy the Yuletide celebrations. Try these tips so you don’t miss a moment of magic.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but Christmas can be lots of hard work too. You’ve got to defrost the turkey, keep the kids occupied now school has finished and ensure the kitchen is sparkling – and it’s not even Christmas Eve yet!

The key to enjoying the festive season is getting through the chores as quickly as possible – and if you can, to have a bit of fun while you do it. That way you can get to the magical moments of Christmas as soon as possible – and you don’t miss anything while you’re stuck with the clean-up.

Try these ideas for quick, fun Christmas cleaning that will leave you with more time to spend with the family.

Enlist the help of your elves

Even Santa has his little helpers – so take a leaf out of his book and get the kids to tidy up their colouring books and toys. Make it fun by challenging them to complete it in a record time, or reward them for doing a good job with their favourite Christmas film. Of course, it will also secure their place on Santa’s ‘nice’ list!

Make your home sparkle (even without the tinsel)

Once your elves have cleared everything away, you can give the floors and surfaces a deep clean using Flash Multi-Surface Concentrated Cleaner.

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Jingle all the way

While you’re cleaning, put on your favourite Christmas album or playlist. Not only will it make the task fly by as you’re having fun, but it’ll also help you get into the Christmas spirit (even when you’re tackling those annoying hard-to-reach spots).

Add some sugar, spice and all things nice

Put a pan of mulled wine on the hob to fill your home with delicious scents. Cinnamon and nutmeg evoke the warmest Christmas memories – plus it’s a great reward once you’ve finished the hard work.

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Festive family fun ideas to try

With the big clean out of the way ahead of Christmas, you’ll have an easier task on Boxing Day. So why not try some of these fun activities with the family?

Go for a walk

Everyone knows that the best way to work off the turkey, mince pies and other excesses of Christmas Day is a brisk Boxing Day walk. If you’ve got a dog, it’ll also do them some good to walk off the energy and excitement from the day before.

Play games

If you don’t want to brave the weather, a day of games is a great way to bring the family together. Monopoly and Cluedo are firm favourites, but remember – no arguments! Keep a copy of the rule book to hand to avoid any clashes.

Film time

For a bit of lazy fun, why not have a Christmas movie marathon? There’s nothing better than all cuddling up under a blanket with Elf or The Grinch.

Enjoy the present(s)

The whole family will have received lots of exciting new presents on Christmas Day, so get them out and have a play. Whether it’s board games or dancing to the latest album, there’ll be plenty to keep you occupied.

Go for a bike ride

Get your legs moving by going on a Boxing Day bike ride – or if you’re near the coast, a swim in the sea! To make it more tempting, warm up afterwards with a hot chocolate and slice of cake (that’s our real motivation)!

How do you like to blow away the cobwebs on Boxing Day? Share your suggestions in the comments.

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