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The little helpers you need when Christmas guests arrive

There’s no shortage of cleaning jobs to do over the festive season, and even welcome guests bring extra work. But with these products, you can stay one step ahead.

Life is chaotic enough without the stress of the impending holiday season. On top of all your usual chores, there are presents to wrap, cards to write and school nativities galore.

So when the call comes that friends and family are planning to stay, it’s understandable if there’s a bit of panic mixed in with the pleasure of seeing loved ones. After all, where will you find time to get the house spick and span and ready for guests?

That's where having your cleaning cupboard stocked with the right products comes in. With the right help, the clean-up will be a breeze, so you can focus on catching up with the people you love.

Get the kids involved

We all know that having young children means lots of cleaning. With the school holidays in full swing it may seem the house has turned into a fully fledged playground. So before the kids go to bed, build in a 20-minute clean-up time when they help to tidy up.

Give them simple jobs like tidying away their toys, putting the Christmas DVDs away or hanging up the Christmas cards that arrived in the morning.

Once they’ve gone to bed, give the floors and surfaces a once over. Flash Multi-Surface Concentrated Cleaner can tackle it all, from cleaning dried food off the kitchen counter to making the floors sparkle.

Plan your meals

Make batches of food that can be easily heated up when you're too busy to prepare a meal. You never know when a hungry guest might turn up angling for dinner! Stews and casseroles can be packed full of nutritious, seasonal vegetables and last for three or four meals at least.

Afterwards, don't worry about spending time scrubbing the pots and pans. Just pop them in the dishwasher with a Fairy Platinum dishwasher tablet. Fairy Platinum delivers tough food cleaning first time, and even cleans the filter – so that's one less job to worry about.

Tackle jobs in advance

With family and friends staying with you over Christmas, chances are the kitchen and bathroom will be seeing a few more visitors than normal. Choose a cleaner like Viakal with preventative qualities to keep get your rooms visitor-ready in advance.


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Viakal removes hard water marks and limescale, and its formula helps prevent limescale from returning – so your kitchen and bathroom will stay sparkling long after your guests go home.

Be prepared for little accidents

We can't supervise the kids all day, every day and accidents are always going to happen. You only turn your back for one minute and the little ones have used your walls as a colouring book!

Keep a Flash Magic Eraser in stock for a little crisis like this and you won't regret it. Even with just a few minutes before the guests arrive, you can say goodbye to marks and stains in an instant.

Watch the pennies

Cash can be tight over the holidays and being savvy with the purse strings over little things can make all the difference.

To make your budget go further, choose products that are cost effective and last longer, such as Fairy Liquid. It gives you 50% more clean dishes than traditional washing-up liquids.

Keep the home sweet-smelling

Staying on top of what the family are up to in the house can be tricky. Someone's in the kitchen burning the Christmas cake and the dog’s been rolling around the garden. That’s when you need Febreze Air Effects to deal with unwelcome smells.

Febreze doesn’t just cover up smells like other air fresheners: it neutralises odours and leaves a light, fresh scent – ready for when the doorbell rings unexpectedly!

With these speedy cleaning tips, you’ll have more free time to enjoy the company of your guests and to relax this festive season.

How do you get your home guest ready in record time? Let us know your tips in the comments section below.

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