Don’t put it off: the six do-it-now tasks

There are some jobs around the home that you should always keep on top of

Tackle that limescale

Limescale loves limescale (well, something’s got to love it!), so if there’s any around your home it’s best to deal with it as soon as you can. The good news is that’s easy-peasy with Viakal. Not only that, but because Viakal has smart water-sheeting technology, it’ll protect your surfaces 3x longer than other limescale removers, keeping things sparkling day after day.

Don’t let the outside in

Regularly re-painting your exterior woodwork stops the weather doing its worst. It’s one of those things that’ll really save you time – not to mention money - in the long run.

Clear gutters

Blocked gutters can cause serious and costly damage to your home. Checking and clearing them regularly is the answer.


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Plumbing leaks

All leaks – big or small – should be dealt with immediately.


Grout isn’t expensive but it does an important job keeping water out of places it shouldn’t be. Check your shower, bath and sinks regularly.

And if you do one thing …

Never, ever put off replacing the batteries in your smoke alarm. 

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