Germ hotspots

Top five kitchen hotspots for germs

Know those secret places germs are lurking in your kitchen? You’d be surprised…

1. Fridge compartments and shelves

You most likely wipe down your kitchen surfaces every time you use them, but how often do you clean the shelves in your fridge and the various drawers and compartments inside? Keep germs away by wiping any spills in your fridge immediately. You can use a solution of hot water and washing up liquid. Clean doors and your fridge compartments weekly. This is also a good time to discover (and bin) any food that has spoiled/gone past its sell-by date/or is iced into the back wall of the fridge.

2. The bit inside your blender that turns

You know that spiky thing in the centre of your blender that whizzes round as you blend? The bit that’s really hard to clean when you’re washing up… Well you could be harbouring loads of germs there for that very reason. The solution? Unscrew your blender to clean the gasket (that’s the industry name for it) or invest in a brush that can reach into all those nooks and crevices to make sure no leftover blended bits are lurking. Or pop the piece in the dishwasher.

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3. Your can opener

Hands up if you take you can opener out of the kitchen drawer, use it to open the can and then pop it straight back in the drawer? If this is you, check the little wheel on your can opener and you’ll see a layer of grime collected from the hundreds of cans you’ve opened. Your can opener should be washed every time you use it. Just like with your blender gasket (see above) you’ll make it easier on yourself if you use a brush or pop it in the dishwasher.

4. Your kitchen sink

Think about what goes into your sink? Dirty dishes, mud as you wash fruit and veg, raw meat and fish to be cleaned. It’s no wonder it’s a breeding ground for germs. Make sure you regularly wipe it down with hot, soapy water. And don’t forget to disinfect the drain plug too. Especially underneath it, which is another germ hotspot.


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5. Your kitchen sponge/cloth

As your sponge or cloth is used to clean up all that germy nastiness in your kitchen, it’s no surprise that it gets dirty. Rinse sponges well after every use (or pop them in your dishwasher) and don’t leave them lying wet in the sink. And don’t hang onto that old sponge forever. Change it every few weeks.

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