‘Wash’ your unwashables!

‘Wash’ your unwashables!

Find out how Febreze can clean those corners of your home that won’t go in the washing machine.

Sofas and chairs
Febreze Fabric refreshers eliminate odour and brighten up sofas and chairs, curtains and rugs that can’t be put in the wash. For a light clean finish, try Febreze Thai Orchid or one of the limited edition seasonal aromas to suit your taste.

Forgotten corners
From the back seat of your car to garden loungers kept in the shed to that tent that only comes out in the summer holiday, there are plenty of times when Febreze Fabric refresher can make your world feel all brand new again.

Favourite fashions
Even after dry cleaning, some special outfits rarely smell really clean. Before you get set to dazzle, lightly spritz your glad rags with Febreze Fabric refresher with a Cotton Fresh scent for an instant pick-up. It’s the ideal freshen-up for clothes and coats that have been in the loft or at the back of your wardrobe since last season, too. Oh, and those well-used trainers you have to hide away when friends come round.



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Bed mattresses
It’s hard enough to turn your mattress over regularly let alone get it down the stairs for laundry day! Using Febreze Fabric refresher can tackle odour in such a way that prevents it coming back, too.

The whole house
Your teenager’s bedroom on a Sunday morning, the lounge after a takeaway – there are times when you feel like the whole house needs a shower. Give curtains and carpets a reviving once-over with Febreze Fabric refresher, and use an Ambi Pur plug-in with a touch of Febreze for all-day freshness. When you’re relaxing, reach for a Febreze candle in subtle aromas – Morning Dew or delicious Vanilla Cream.

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