What to do when smelly April Fools’ jokes go wrong

What to do when smelly April Fools’ jokes go wrong

What to do when smelly April Fools’ jokes go wrong

Kids love April Fools’ jokes, and they seem to believe that the smelliest ones are the funniest! However, it’s hard to see the funny side when these stinky pranks don’t go to plan, or if the results linger on, especially when we’re the ones who have to clean up after. Luckily there’s always a way when there’s Febreze – it’s all you need to eliminate those unpleasant odours and rejuvenate your home again.

The stink surprise
Stink bombs, rotten fish, strong cheeses or other clever stinky contraptions are the most common smelly April Fools’ accessories – they’re extremely popular amongst children of all ages! Unfortunately the sneaky tricksters seem to choose the worst places to hide them, and curtains, sofas and beds are always easy targets. Thank goodness there’s Febreze Fabric Refresher – just spritz onto the affected fabrics to eliminate the odours and restore your furniture back to its original fresh, clean state.

The spice swap
Ah, the simple yet supremely funny spice swap. Switching the chilli powder and paprika can produce hilarious results, from outraged expressions to the frantic dash to the tap for a cool drink of water. But go overboard and it can lead to long, disastrous spells on the toilet. Can’t handle the smelly aftermath? Place a Ambi Pur plug-in (we love the Lavender Countryside right now) and an air freshener in the loo – the stench will be eradicated in no time, leaving you with a beautifully scented commode.


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The frequent farter
It’s a favourite with boys; even adult men still love a good fart joke! (It must be in their genes.) It’s not so nice for the rest of us though, especially when they make it a goal to infuse each and every room of the house with their smelly “gift”. Febreze to the rescue – plug in your favourite spring scent and spray the spaces liberally with an air freshener. Febreze works wonders because it obliterates all traces of stinky odours, which means you’ll smell nothing but the fresh, clean scent it leaves behind.

No matter what smelly trick comes your way this April Fools’, make sure you’re prepared for it with Febreze– its amazing odour-eliminating powers and refreshing scent is the perfect comeback for any prank.

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