Home and garden summertime checklist

Home and garden summertime checklist

Maintaining your home with a few summer chores will leave it sparkly, clean and smelling fantastic, and following these simple gardening tips will leave your outdoor area ready for an impromptu garden party right from the first sign of sunshine.

  • Summer is the best time for cleaning your windows. These sunny days will show up every little finger print and smear. If you have a window cleaner who comes to do the outside windows take that as a reminder to do the inside windows too.
  • Swap to brighter coloured bedding in lighter fabrics for a cool nights sleep. If your summer bedding has been in storage all winter long then pop it on a short cycle with some Lenor Infusions fabric softener to add some summer fragrance to your room. The Lenor Pink Topaz and Magnolia variant is perfect for this time of year.
  • Check garden hoses for leaks. The snow and frost from the winter can lead them to crack and disintegrate over time. 
  • Take a walk around your garden and make a note of any repairs that need doing or furniture that needs a fresh coat of varnish. Now’s the time to plan your weekend summer projects. The more you can do in the garden the less of a chore it will feel!
  • Savvy gardening tip - If you or your children have an old worn out wooly jumper don’t throw it out. Add it to the bottom of plant pots and hanging baskets as it’ll help to retain moisture.
  • As summer time rolls in you’ll be spending more and more time in the garden so now is the time to give your grass the five star treatment. Start by raking away any old thatch that's sitting next to the soils surface, you’ll be surprised how much there is.  Next scarify, which means take a garden fork and push holes throughout the whole lawn. These holes encourage new growth. Add some grass seed if necessary. Once summer is in full swing and your grass is growing quickly it will need mowing little and often. If you cut it too short and it doesn’t rain your grass will dry out so keep it to a good height- around 5cm tall. Avoid adding fertilizer until the autumn.

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