Bright cleaning for summer clothes with Daz

Bright cleaning for summer clothes with Daz

Whatever you’re up to this summer, make it a bright one with Daz!

We all know bright clothes can help brighten the mood whenever, wherever. That’s why we love summer, because summer months always mean bright summer clothes. Crazy shirts, the bright kaftans and the patterned dresses. Even if the UK’s summer weather is as unpredictable as ever, we’re still going to dress like we’re on holiday at home.

Bring out your bright summer clothes and try these top tips from Daz to keep clothes bright:

1. Mix colours, but take out rough fabrics:

Washing bright or thin fabrics like summer shirts or dresses are fine to throw in the wash together (as long as they say you can on the label, remember to check the instructions first!) but avoid putting bright clothes in with rougher fabrics like denim or jackets. Brights stay brighter when they don’t rub against thicker fabrics during the cycle.

2. Turn brights inside out:

When washing coloured clothes, an easy tip to keep them bright is to turn them inside out. This helps stop colours from transferring and fading in the wash – particularly good to know for any new buys.

3. Try Daz All-In-One Pods, made to keep brights bright:

Come rain or shine, Daz brings the bright thanks to its built-in Brightness Boosters that work to keep your clothes dazzlingly clean. So, if bright sounds good to you, whack in a Daz All-in-One Pod in your next wash and get your get up gloriously clean.

The 3 steps to bright brights with Daz All-in-one Pods:

  1. Pod in the drum first, clothes on top the pod
  2. Pick your cycle – Daz even works on cooler cycles which are a great option for washing coloured clothes
  3. Prepare for dazzlingly bright clothes – step back and admire the results, sunglasses optional.

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