Did you know that by washing in cooler water you can save up to 50% energy used when washing up*? 

Energy saving is big news right now. But with so much information available, what we’re really looking for is easy tips that help make savings without having to make big changes to our usual habits. That’s why we love how turning down the temperature of the washing up can help us save energy at home, simply by reducing the amount of energy used to heat up water.

By moving to 23 degrees, consumers can save up to 50% energy used in the washing up*.

But how did we get there?

To come to this number, a detailed consumer survey in the U.K. has happened to understand at what temperature people are doing the dishes today. Based on this, we could determine the average percentage of energy (to heat up the water) that households can save today by lowering the wash temperature (43°C) to 23°C. 

Why 23C? What does this feel like? 

Fairy worked with European consumers to find a temperature that was not too hot, and not too cold. Comfortable enough to do the dishes whilst still unlocking savings. It's not about going freezing cold - nobody wants to dip their hands in icy water! - but keeping it cooler.

This temperature Fairy testers landed on: 23 degrees. A temperature drop that has the potential to save up to 50% of dishwashing energy use. Here, we share some handy references to help show what cooler feels like. Because, when you see it like this, turning the tap down really doesn’t sound so bad.

  • 23 degrees is the average room temperature

  • It feels like a glass of water that’s been left on the side, or the tepid water at the end of a long bath.

  • It’s only slightly cooler than a swim in an outdoor pool.. but much warmer than a dip in the sea!

  • 23 degrees is known as the goldilocks temperature. Not too hot. Not too cold.

They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. And when this one has the potential to save energy and money, it's an easy switch to try a cooler dishwashing temperature at home. Find a comfortable, cooler temperature and find ways to save.

Commenting on the campaign, Angela Howarth, Director of Marketing and Communications from Energy Saving Trust said: 


“With people continuing to face high bills, we know that many are already taking steps to save energy around the home. We hope that this campaign will highlight how small, simple changes can make a difference to help save energy and reduce energy bills.”

Give it a go! Turn the tap down, drop the hot and start saving.

*lowering the temperature from 43°C to 23°C