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Watch our sustainability video to find out why Fairy is an excellent choice for both your dishes and the environment
As one of the largest manufacturers of consumer products in the world, Fairy is committed to making sustainable choices. It’s why we have sustainability at the core of our values. 

One of the best ways to determine the impact of products on the environment is through a method called the Life Cycle Analysis. This method is used by scientists throughout the world and considers the environmental impact for all the life stages of a product: raw materials, transportation, production, packaging, use and disposal. 

What the Life Cycle Analysis is, and how it is used by the Fairy scientists to design products with a reduced environmental impact, is explained in the video above. 
We asked the renowned environmental scientist Dr Hans Sanderson from the Department of Environmental Science at Aarhus University in Denmark about the environmental impact of Fairy:
When looking just at the cleaning ingredients used by Fairy it can be concluded they are safe to the aquatic environment when used as intended and wastewater is treated. These ingredients have been investigated profoundly for the past decades and show both good degradability as well as good removal by wastewater treatment facilities. When considering all the key life stages through a Life Cycle Assessment of Fairy, the biggest impact on the environment is during use as the heating of the water requires energy. By switching to lower temperatures the use of energy needed and greenhouse gases produced is significantly reduced.

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